Prosodic Poetry Poem by Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu

Prosodic Poetry

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Prosodic Poetry (Rhyme Royal Sequence)

Prosodic Poesy's tree, under the care
Of Empress new, has gained a greater height;
Yet scope there is for it to better fare.

By poets all, if reared and raised aright,
Enhanced can be its height as well as might.
A mite of manure mixed by each of us
Can make its soil more salubrious.

If just some moments more we try to spare
To shield our Poesy-tree from blasting blight,
Its fruit will faster form, we are aware.

So let's root out, at once, the tares we sight;
If left unweeded, vermin they'll invite.
This might prove, to Poesy's health, hazardous
So, watchful we should always be, like Argus.

Though this may call for patience rather rare,
Before long, the load will become light -
The profits of this pursuit when we share.

'Tradpoesy' proffers prospects that are bright
To one who offers off'ces as her 'Knight'.
So, volunteers, do board her De Lux bus -
Wont to which, you'll find your journeys joyous!

Sathyanarayana M V S 29 August 2008

Madam I enjoyed reading this poem. If you don't mind, if time permits can you please elucidate about prosody techniques by a private message. with regards, sathya narayana

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