Narotha Sar

Persevere. - Poem by Narotha Sar

the lack of support, the amount of hatred
no childhood for me, twas belated
belts to the back, punches to the head
from the childhood I had, I wish I was dead

it's funny how i forget the good times, and remember the bad
I wonder if things were different, if happiness I had
or if someone who was there for me, that I ought to call my dad
if curious to how I'm feeling, it's obvious that I'm sad

from the things that I have witnessed, the things that I have seen
the things that were so fucked up, before I was a teen
you can't imagine what I've been through, you can't imagine where I've been
you can't imagine the hatred, that I was caught between

what if things were different, if I were normal instead
if all the words that were spoken, were all differently said
and if all them tears that have fallen, were pointlessly shed
or if I didn't spend 24 hours, in that dreadful hospital bed

suicide watch is what they called it, but I called it watch for suicide
because there was nothing more I wanted, than to wish that I had died
i was over the tears I shed, I was over the tears I cried
I was over all the sadness, that I desperately had to hide

it's a tough gig trying to smile, to fake you're on a high
to wake up every morning, hoping that you'll somehow die
to be asked if you're okay, to cover with a lie
but life will always be tough, something no one can deny

if life were to be stories could be told
no stories of your journey, no memories you can hold
no excitement for the future, no future to unfold
you won't enjoy the warmth, if you haven't felt the cold

so if you've ever had the feeling, where..
no one will listen, no one will care
this poem is for you, to show that we are always there
this poem is personal to me, something I thought I'd never share
so think..this world would not be the same, if you're no longer there.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

true story.

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