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Pertinent Questions To The Venal Snouts In The Trough British Politicians - Poem by Stanley Collymore

By Stanley Collymore

Self-serving and utterly conceited with it! That's your
uniformed approach to life specifically, everything
associated with it, and all else that one can clearly
and conceivably think of. Consequently, your
views and those of others that likemindedly
share the same biased, ill-informed and
arrogant opinions which you hold dear, self-centredly
subscribe to, witlessly champion and egotistically
cling to at all costs, must by your undoubtedly
perverted thinking, automatically, lastingly
and obsessively command the greatest,
most extreme, unconcealed support
and respect that is itself coupled
with a distinctly rapt attention
to everything that you and
they say, and then quite
purposely and rather
one-sidedly always
take to greedily
addressing in
every way!

And crucially it's also relevant to say that in no
way are any valid or convincing explanations
ever advanced by you as to why that ought
to be the case; the only mention to any
of this being that it's your individual
story, your totally warped theories
and thus essentially constituting
the hardcore Lib-Dems, Labtories or full-blooded
Tory Nazis and grasping, self-centred fascists
that you manifestly are; and as such you're
therefore quite entitled in your markedly
perverse attitude to politics and all else
for that matter, and this powerfully
conjoined with your astonishing
hubris persistently, explicitly
and publicly displayed, as
well as your twisted antithesis to everything you
subjectively disparage or abhor don't render it
either imperative to consider or desirable of
your perceived precious time to graciously
exemplify any clarification whatever of
what definitely it is that you are doing
or, furthermore, specifically why in
your narcissistic intolerance you
find it so absolutely necessary
to intentionally inflict such
premeditated austerity in
cooperation with what's
evidently a protracted,
unwarranted misery
and dire poverty on
average members
of the indulgent
UK community!

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 January 2016.

Author's Remarks:

This poem is affectionately dedicated to my personal inspirational British politician Jeremy Corbyn the democratically elected, and by a massive majority, incumbent leader of the British Labour Party - and a timely up yours from me reminder to all those either too stupid to accept that fact or are so full of themselves and living in their delusional world of make belief they're unmistakably aren't in the same rational world that the rest of us sane Homo sapiens inhabit; a political party, the Labour Party that I've always steadfastly supported, though not most of its previous leaders, cabinet members nor governments. And on the topical issue of Jeremy's quite recent shadow cabinet reshuffle if hypothetically that task had be left entirely up to me I would have wielded the axe much more widely, purposefully and viciously and quietly literally across their collective necks.

But then we all don't, and that includes me, have the same indisputable and laudable tolerance level and penchant for forgiveness that Jeremy Corbyn evidently has. What a terrible shame though that undemocratic and barbaric Bantu Saudi that these purblind House of Commons pillocks, masquerading as MPs, and who graspingly and avidly bend over backwards, their usual thing really, to support this Persian Gulf obscenity laughably portraying itself as a "state" can do that sort of thing; quite cavalierly and noticeably indifferently lop off multiple heads at will and in a single day and with supportive impunity from the west, including those aforementioned jerks infesting the House of Commons, and a purported democratic Britain, if only for the sheer hell of it, can't do the same with our odious and genuine political felons. Not fair is it! (Laugh) .

Seriously though, never mind Jeremy your supporters like me are staunchly behind you all the way. And as a comforting thought and note of reassurance the Pharisees and the Sadducees of his time, and the feckless Westminster Bubble and privileged elite who are our contemporary equivalent, neither understood nor tolerated Jesus Christ for who or what he was or even what he was all about, just as our contemporary clique of corresponding, self-serving and avaricious Pharisees and Sadducees obviously don't with you Jeremy. But we out here don't worry about that and why should we? After all you're in excellent company; as Jesus Christ's message still prevails to this day, well over two millennia since he was physically on this same planet which we call Earth!

And Messiahs most categorically don't only have to be religious. They can be political as well. Now let them think on that!

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