Peter Featherhead Poem by Rod M.Peters

Peter Featherhead

Little Peter Featherhead
Dreams away his days in bed
Writing secret vows.

Points his looking-glass to Mars
And swears a mighty palace lies
There beneath the clouds.

Sees the girl with golden hair
Tuck her wings beneath the cape
And smile at him from far away
Across the coldness of the space.

Then she greets the morning lark,
And tells him of a yearning heart.

Little Peter Featherhead
Wonders if birds ever fled
From the Steppes of distant Mars.

Thursday, January 26, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: children,fantasy,longing
Victoria Udnæs 27 February 2017

I love this! I love the mystic feeling it gives me, and a feeling of excitement and hope. I am sure this poem would be loved by childre, indeed!

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Bri Edwards 06 October 2017

but, Wait! i think when i was five years old i had a blues band called Peter Featherhead; you MUST change the title! ! :)

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Rod Mendieta 08 October 2017

Hah! Like I'll fall for this one! No chance, good try though!

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Bri Edwards 06 October 2017

no wonder the title didn't sound familiar. reading some comments and responses, i see you changed the title! but you COULD have just added a little word, right? since i've commented before, i won't do more now. others are waiting to be read. bri :)

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Annette Aitken 18 April 2017

Love the way this one flows and the imagary is very good indeed. Annette

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Rod Mendieta 18 April 2017

Much obliged Annette! I tend to write very serious, sometimes 'heavy' poems, and this one was a sort of an unconscious redressing of that. Had fun and... such pay-off when people also enjoy some of your stuff.

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Marianne Reninger 16 April 2017

Just wrote my first poem from a child's perspective; its difficult to do and still make it imaginative and create adult-sized cred. Loved yours! I think when I was a child, I was Peter Featherhead! Check out my Sweet Cherries which will be published in Frosini's new Anthology for Children for Amazon's e-books. Marianne Larsen Reninger

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Rod Mendieta 16 April 2017

Marianne, thanks for your kind words. I was checking your list of poems and, believe it or not, the 'Sweet Cherries' had already caught my eye. You stopped me short of clicking on that one when I got you message!

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Bri Edwards 09 April 2017

Featherhead Is an Improvement! I think you made other changes, and I like 'them', IF you did! ! To MyPoemList. Bri 😃

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Rod Mendieta 11 April 2017

Thanks Bri. Yeah, good ol' Stu alerted me to my involuntary case of plagiarism so I changed it. Ever grateful to attentive readers!

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