Ph: Hello, Poemhunter Staff, Anyone Home? ? ? Poem by Chuck Toll

Ph: Hello, Poemhunter Staff, Anyone Home? ? ?

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I really want to know whether you exist or not!
Your site has several “Contact Us” links, and
Emails to you produce an “Auto-Thank You”
But our messages then get lost in cyberspace
Or yield “Failed Delivery” notices by the slew.

In “Chariot of the Gods” Erich von Danekin
Postulated aliens who briefly visited Earth,
Prompting pyramids from Mexico to Timbuktu,
But then abandoned us to our own devices.
Can be on autopilot too?

In “The Great Gatsby, ” Scott Fitzgerald wrote
Symbolically about the eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckelburg
Brooding on a sign over a vast Valley of Ashes
Long after he himself had departed in disgust
With his befouled creation. Are you mad at us?

Janice Joplin sang hopefully that she would wait
At home each day just at three for the folks from
Dialing for Dollars. So, too, with this humble poem
I await your return to your loyal PoemHunter fans.
We need your help, guys, so please don't roam!

To anyone else who happens to read this plea,
Be aware that someone called “Sandrine Nzi”
Has begun to send us bogus business scams
She must assume that we're a bunch of jerks;
But what the heck, the site is free and works!

Since joining three months ago, I've never been able to reach
whoever manages the site using 'Contact Us.' If any of you
have e-chatted with Poemhunter staff, or received a response
to a query in recent months, please let me know your secret!
The final stanza, by the way, is also true, and you can confirm
Sandrine Nzi's scams on the Internet (if you want to bother) .

Robert E Hann 08 November 2007

I have too many issues with this site to name.... But then it IS free so how can I complain? I'd love to write PH a nasty letter but I can find no place that I like better.

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bob eichen 21 October 2007

Chuck, No luck here when trying to contact Also, Sandrine LeSkunkStool tried to scam me too. D.

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One erudite piece of chastisement.... got me laughing too... the answer is that they do exist but have a tendency to respond only when the query/comment would have legal implications, it seems. No such thing as common courtesey here as you know! t x

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