Ph: Life: Everyone's Life Poem by Brian Johnston

Ph: Life: Everyone's Life

Rating: 5.0

Everyone's life

Everyone's life's really tragic it seems,
There's just not time friend to live all our dreams.
While you may try to keep stiff upper lip,
Gravity's plotting to just sink your ship!

Wonder why some people's face sports a frown?
Most of our trains never get out of town
Yes, there are those with bright lives that seem charmed
(Living in fenced fear, their houses alarmed!)

Our fullest flower's the fruit of all breath
Blossoms revealed as harbinger of death
Our seed the key to mortality's curse
Our blood the oil for humanity's hearse.

Einstein's reality always a lie*
Truth(s) we are seeking in quite short supply
Death is an area most think is real
Candidate surely for concept puerile!

When we are sure that the opposite's true
Death's unreality comes into view!
Credible evidence that soul exists.
Vanity skewered by what it resists.

Poetry can't prove that man's soul is real,
Satan's best plot not a single soul steal,
Your darkest moment when love hides its face
God's possibility blows up the place!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Life
Brian Johnston

Oh dear me! Whatever shall I do? Merov Tachgovirian, the only one on PH who gives anyone a 1.0 rating, doesn't like my wonderful poem. Maybe you should send him a message at the sites of Talyia Sprinkles or Jimmy Tuhans (two of his false and mulitiple ID's on PH) and tell him what you think of my poem and his opinion of it if you care about this kind of behavior on PoemHunter. Or here's an idea! Complain to the webmaster that their rating system is so vulnerable to bullys. This is our site right, not just Merov's? Let's take it back! Insist on change from the top

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Poet's Notes:

* Einstein's famous quote is 'Reality is an illusion! '

If Einstein says that our reality is illusion, and the reality that we most ‘believe in' is our death, does this not suggest that we are very likely mistaken about death being real? The soul must be real because we so strongly fear that it is not real! Ha! I love it! What I think Einstein is saying is that our senses are so limited, that if we had super eyes that responded to almost all wave-lengths of light, that the world would look completely different to us. There would be thousands of new colors perhaps that no man has ever seen before (colors are how our brain ‘sees' different wavelengths of light) . This new reality would be so much different than our present reality (and even then still not real) .

I think that Einstein is also referring to how different things would look to us as we begin to approach the speed of light. When this happens the experience would be so uncommon as to make us believe that we were crazy if we did not have the training to understand what our senses were telling us.

As a final example if you photograph a distant galaxy in ultra-violet light and then again in infra-red light the image you see looks very different and yet both images are true and are photographs of the same window into space. Both photographs would be equally clear, it is just that each photo would show things that the other photo didn't. Though it is also true that both photos would show many things the same as well. Our eyes work the same way! Because we see such a small percentage of all the light that exists, because our hearing is also quite limited to frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hertz, there is much that exists (that is real) that we cannot either see or hear and using Scientific instruments to expand our range of hearing and seeing will never be quite as good as actually seeing or hearing. For example it has recently been discovered that much of elephant conversation takes place at frequencies below 20 Hertz. We cannot hear it at all! And because such low sounds seem to come from everywhere (are non-directional) elephants can talk without giving away their location to possible predators. Wow, isn't God's creation by Natural Selection His most wonderful accomplishment? Creation without end!

Imagine if the only way you could ‘hear' your baby cry was to have a light near your bed that flashed on and off when the baby was crying. Think of the information you are still missing completely. Yes, you know the baby is crying, but loud or soft, lonely or happy? Using Science to expand our senses has many of the same limitations. It is better than nothing of course. Psychological limitations also ‘blind' us! If you are focused on a man's good qualities you see one thing, but if you are suspicious, then you may likely see him in quite another way. What we think is real, is truly an illusion 24/7. To understand that your 'reality' is an illusion is quite possibly the 'rock' upon which the possibility of all humility stands.
Heather Wilkins 27 September 2014

an excellent poem i GIVE THIS A 10 + ENJOYED

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Brian Johnston 26 September 2014

This poem previously was rated at 2 votes for an 8.5 average prior to Merov's recent 1.0 vote. But I am so enthralled with Merov's judging skills that I am awarding my own poem 3 ratings of 10.0. For Merov to give me a 1.0 clearly means that the other two voters were less skilled in thier judgment.

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Bri Edwards 11 September 2014

ok BJ, even though i'm in PA at the moment I've taken my valuable time (or is that an illusion?) to completely read poem and note. of course the rhyming is nice. the message is interesting. why don't I, rather than elephants, have stealth vocal communication ability. what besides man does the elephant have in the way of predators to hide from? ? maybe I should seek out a course to teach me sub-20-hertz (or is that 'hurts'?) my wife can't locate me when i'm yelling at her. thanks for sharing. offline soon again. :) bri

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Abekah Emmanuel 04 September 2014

Let me first of all applaud you for this wonderful piece of work. As a matter of fact, your note on this poem is as philosophical as the poem itself. You have really put much effort into this one. Frankly, your poem is illuminating as it has greatly enlightened me on the issue of immortality of the soul. Indeed, the issue of reality has been well elaborated and philosophically crafted. I really like this one. Good job!

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