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The day you walked in
Stood on my door
You were nineteen
I was twenty four.

A long road ahead, that's no scare
We can surely make it, the will is there.
The way is tough, terrain treacherous
But cover we shall, we can all of us.

On her course merrily flows the svelte rivulet
She meanders not alone carries the sky on her breast.
In him grows a longing, love flowers in his heart
She doesn’t know it, on the sea is set her heart.

Ten kittens in my home now
Ten little brats
Their mothers never knew how
To catch the cupboard rats!

He lies wide eyed.

The opaque stream reflects no sky
betrays no emotions

I know I invite reproach
When I speak aloud in wonder
Why boys are the first to approach
And girls are mere responders!

There are three horses pulling your life
Attitude, want, and of course your wife
The first pulls you through life's high and low
The second pulls you to where monies flow

I carry you in my heart
But you are far away
Sometimes though love lasts
It’s so you don’t stay.

My sweetest times were spent with them
They brought me here gave me a name
The only ones to be called my own
Now shadowy reflections in my moments alone!

Now that I’m growing young / into my second childhood
I’ve decided to forsake / brooding brows and swinging mood
All things that I tell now / and all stuff that I read
All thoughts I jot on paper / must be understood by a kid.

Hurrying to my work in the untimely shower
Caught my ears the mews but it was rush hour
Must be another kitten born with no luck
Abandoned in the shrub growing on sidewalk!

If at all I reach that age

would I retain my faculty
my vision to read a book's page!

5.00 am

mr. run-o-mill
from a mundane slumber

Oh what salvation lies
In rain’s musical note

You made that corner about it only you know
Where in the light and shadow strange things grow
That though with you in placental bond breaks in the faintest touch
You own them you breed them about them you don’t know much.

If I had my will
I would’ve clocked back thirty years
With her on the Ferris wheel!

Where sways in the wind the eucalyptus
with chiming bells rolls the bullock cart
lies the hut of my dream sown in wild grass
lives the girl I have loved and given my heart!

When the last train chugs out of the station
the doppler sound mingles
with his unseen tears' flow

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Creative Copywriter who also loves to express his thoughts in rhymes.)

The Best Poem Of Pradip Chattopadhyay

1924: A Love Story

The day you walked in
Stood on my door
You were nineteen
I was twenty four.
A look at your face
Weakened my knees
In your sweet fairness
I experienced bliss.
Throbbed hard my heart
My body felt so light
That spelt the start
Of my love at first sight!
The day you walked in
There wasn't anymore
Happiness for nineteen
Peace for twenty four.

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Valsa George 28 April 2014

Pradip... A prolific writer... a poet of outstanding range! Any topic is safe in his hands... It is always a pleasure to skim through the vast plethora of his poems dealing with the trivial to the lofty...!

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Richard Beevor 08 May 2014

lovely poem Pradip, both rhythmical and sublime, more great work please

4 0 Reply
Richard Beevor 06 May 2014

white dots, lovely poem, thank you Pradip

3 0 Reply
Richard Beevor 10 May 2014

11/12/13 always the best way

2 1 Reply
Chandra Thiagarajan 19 September 2012

Oh! So romantic in such few words. Written well.I liked it very much.Thanks and best wishes.

2 0 Reply
Christina Simmons 15 July 2017

So far what I've read is very impressive. I like Pradiop's style very much. I find he has a way of writing therefore his poems always self explanatory. Although he does write in a very sensitive and articulated manner. Congratulations! ! !

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Rajnish Manga 15 July 2017

I have read a couple of poems penned by Pradip Chattopadhyay and have been deeply impressed by his wide range of subjects, the simplicity of his expression and freshness in his style. I request him to come up with his new poems. Best Wishes.

1 0 Reply
Nabashis Dev Misra 06 November 2015

Your positivity is amazing and contagious..! ! I like the use of simple words and yet very convincing the emotions you wants to convey...! !

1 1 Reply
Muhammad Khalid 12 July 2014

true visualisation of thoughts inside yourheart. please sir ibeg your presence to read my poems...

5 1 Reply

excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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