Philosophy And Foresee Poem by Chan Mongol

Philosophy And Foresee

Poem by Chan Mongol
August 23 of 2022

I voice, I write for the freedom of expression;
I don't follow whimsically myths of religion.

If you can't catch up what I mean to say:
You are preventing me to decorate my display.

Then, you need to stay in own temple to pray.
I am not throwing on your head any softball of clay.

Like it or not, allow people's foresee and philosophy;
Many men many minds and theology is contradictory.

I guess, sex was the fruit, the main reason;
For Adam and Eve to be kicked out down.

To unclean the holy heaven was the sin;
Mistrust also made them to be unpin!

God didn't allow there any pollution;
No permission for sexual stimulation!

To wash up, heaven had no water;
No tailor, no attire or, underwear to cover!

That was then, the condition of heaven!
Now, God built hells for men and women!

Sex caused sky high production;
Human fruits made overpopulation!

Overpopulation made all pollution;
We are now about to go upside down.

How about the pollution of other creations?
They will be off the hook and will collect pensions.

After resources are gone what we do?
We will walk one way to hell also!

Chan Mongol

Chan Mongol

East Bengal (Bangladesh)
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