Piers Morgan: The Wannabe Icon For The White Western Scum Media! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Piers Morgan: The Wannabe Icon For The White Western Scum Media!

By Stanley Collymore

Everyone: and particularly so those either living in the
United Kingdom or else if resident outside it and
aren't themselves British citizens but, all the
same, feel themselves associated with and
therefore delusionally buy into, and equally are
consequently and deeply impressed by what
is essentially, realistically and primarily
England's disingenuously ingrained
pomp and ceremony, even if they purposely wouldn't
want or have the same things in their own country.
In reality a meticulously whitened sepulchre in
Britain's case, in which are deposited the
countless remnants of dead men and
women's bones - have all become
self-appointed "experts"; these
various and vacuous cretins,
on Harry and Meghan's
private lives decision.

Spouting, all of them, some of the most rabidly inane,
vile, innately racist and virulently incandescent
contradictory opinions imaginable across the
toxic and sewer-like landscape of their
own daily reality of racist and xenophobic
preoccupations, united with their incessantly
barbed and unconvincing denials of this
in relation to Britain, and as these
character assassinations of
theirs interminably and
maliciously affect
Harry, as well
as Meghan!

And in the process of all this ingrained cant, the typically
and diabolically self-righteousness on these inimical
detractors' part, as well as their duplicitous
condemnation of Harry and Meghan,
and especially so when it comes
to money justly awarded
them, it's remarkably amazing how fast
the Panama Papers, the money laundering
exploits and, significantly, the non-
payment of their due taxes by
these same privileged
white media barons,
elites and their
friends in

who're quick to label Meghan and Harry
as national taxpayers' scroungers;
nevertheless constitute the
driving force in their
vitriolic, mendacious, studiously
orchestrated, as well as their
malevolently directed at
and speciously gratuitous
vilification of Meghan
Markle and Prince
Harry her very

Ideas and actions rabidly propagated by these
inbred racists, their equally repugnant and
cynically manipulated class-obsessed
dim-witted plebeian followers; the
panoply of Useful Idiots and braindead
House Niggers, that when it comes
to their supporters' sort are
enthusiastically and

This and much more; with all you tabloid-trash readers,
fantasy-media adherents and a discernibly wholly
incapable of thinking for themselves British
public as well as the avid believers of everything that
these so-called mainstream media propagandists
have to say; totally unable, like captured and
both powerless and actually unwilling
to free themselves goldfish in a
transparent bowl; reasonably
content with the stupid
situation in which
they're oddly

And in normal circumstances - but this is decidedly
far from being the case - one could have sensibly
suggested to these inveterate moons like Piers
Morgan: "Why don't you just take a long
and hard look at your own pathetic, utterly useless
and self- aggrandizing lives, if you're actually
capable of doing so, before voicing your
thoroughly sick, absolutely subjective,
tediously and insufferably twisted,
attention-seeking, borrowed and unoriginal
suggestions, or indeed opinions, about
other persons - and especially in
this case, the exceptionally
personable and certainly
impressively talented,
unlike yourelf Piers Morgan,
the Duke and Duchess of
Sussex: Prince Harry
and his legitimate
wife Meghan!

© Stanley V. Collymore
20 January 2020.

Author's Comments:
I'm not a psychiatrist but I worked closely with many eminent ones when I voluntarily, before I later moved into the world of Academia as I'd always from my grammar schooldays planned to do, trained, qualified and worked as a psychiatric nurse: as I wanted to familiarize myself with and fully understand human behaviour and the working of the human mind, and credibly succeeded in doing so, at what was then one of Britain's largest and oldest mental hospitals. Institutions like this one that were vital to the community at large but which were irresponsibly, short-sightedly and idiotically closed down, or dispensed with, long after I'd left the nursing profession, I must say, to successfully carve out an alternative career life for myself away from nursing, by Margaret Thatcher's fascist regime.

An odious woman and naturally a likeminded regime in her own making that unsurprisingly, characteristically knew the price of everything, - when it came to ludicrously selling off these valued and valuable mental institutions and their huge assets in terms of land, buildings and other properties; mine even had its own commercial farm and laundry works which were an integral part of these psychiatric hospitals infrastructure and operations - but obviously not the value of anything significant where Maggie Thatcher and her fascist lot were concerned!

The obtuse and perturbing argument by Maggie and her fascist regime and rather ruthlessly and actively encouraged by this loathsome woman herself being, that the inmates of these mental institutions, as well as others who in normal circumstances would have been legally sectioned to them for self-evident treatment coupled with the wider interests of those in the communities where these nutcases also lived, could and would be better served, argued Maggie Thatcher and her lot, although I prefer then and still do to this day prefer to use the word dictated in relation to these prized burkes' actions, by having these nutcases living in the general communities where ordinary people were. Excluding, of course, in Thatcher's sick analysis the areas where she and her other privileged elites resided.

This asinine notion of Margaret Thatcher openly criticized by intelligent mental practitioners: psychiatrists, ordinary GPs, seasoned matrons, Chief Male Nurses and a panoply of other nurses, medical auxiliaries, some academics and prescient-mindedobservers with these affected communities as being at the extreme end of the Richter Scale of Stupidity, distinctly fell on deaf ears where Margaret Thatcher and her fascist regime were concerned, as money blatantly meant much more to them than principles - bearing in mind they possessedno such decipherable qualities - or the overall genuine welfare of affected British communities.

Accordingly, as predicted by those who comprised the intellectual astute within Britain: and I firmly place myself in that category, and a figure which has markedly decreased over the years in favour of the rampantly dumbed-down, dimwittedly incoherent, the considerably intellectually challenged, coupled with the mendaciously self-serving, the UK is now discernibly and increasingly left with significant numbers of people who are badly in need of intensive and recurrent psychiatric treatment, and who unquestionably in the past would have been legally sectioned to mental hospitals to sensibly ensure that they were incarcerated there for their own good as well as that of the wider public, so as to pertinently receive the necessary treatment that they required to hopefully, in their case, get better. Instead, as is now very much the case, allowing such people to unrestrictedly roam the highways and bye ways of British communities at will as they currently do.

And I'm categorically referring to habituated obnoxious, dementedly fixated, insufferably narcissistic and ingratiatingly, seasoned social climbing pillocls like Piers Morgan and his so-called mainstream media chums who routinely, hypocritically and in the most vitriolic racist terms blame erudite, sane, highly intelligent and well-educated people like Meghan Markle for the very sickening characteristics that they themselves are permanently and maliciously inbred with. And, in my justifiably trenchant, observable, enduring and unapologetic view making them all and Piers Morgan specifically the Jimmy Savile equivalent of what passes for the British media!

As for Elizabeth, her stinkingly loathsome and equally likeminded, purportedly courtier adviser scum lot at the top of this infectiously debauched and so-called royal tree, you're just as naked and discernibly stupid as the patently narcissistic, freely open to blatant sycophancy and flattery of the worst kind, as is so patently self-evident in the case of the principal character: a likewise, equally dim-witted, self-serving and idiotic monarch, in the Hans Christian Anderson tale "The Monarch's New Clothes", this existing British monarch is also endowed with all the appalling and self-centred attributes, plus more in her case, as the one justly ridiculed in Hans Christian Anderson's tale.

So it's perfectly in order from Elizabeth's sick and gratuitous perspective, as she panders to the likeminded scum subjects that she absorbedly needs to retain her outmoded and privileged existence, to suitably embark on the following in the wake of the wild packs of hyenas within the public driven by their correspondingly racist, most ironically cynical and conspicuously xenophobic plebeians: bearing in mind their own foreign roots, while concertedly manipulated by the so-called mainstream media's class-supportive barons and their Useful Idiot sycophants to do so. And here's the outcome!

Let's summarily get rid of our ambitious, free-spirited, vibrant young royals, like Harry and Meghan, and let them be enthusiastically replaced by someone with particularly close links to a convicted billionaire paedophile! My natural response to that Elizabeth and Co is - Go stuff your antiquated and genuinely irrelevant in any modern and meritocratic based society, selves!

Lets see what you do with this one POEMHUNTER.COM on behalf of your protected and this sick, psychopathic, misogynistic, racist bully, and the illegal hacker of Milly Dowler's mobile phone. Insidious hypocrisy and rampant double standards on your part POEMHUNTER, or what?

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