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Poem About Poetry - Lost In Words

Rating: 4.2

i would rather be
lost in feelings
rather than words

for feelings
i could sort out
and translate into verses

but to be lost in words
well it can be a route
to a no man's land
where poetry should not be


I hear you loud & lucid, John....In the writers world, turbulent feelings almost always result in sterling verse...Solid Work, HERE...(YOU MUST HAVE BEEN DOWN, WHEN THIS IDEA CAME TO MIND?) LOL! FJR

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Ivan Donn Carswell 04 January 2007

As the words have to convey the feelings I agree. But it is semantic nonsense. To be lost in feelings is a state of death - nothing exists, and no words can describe death to the dead. Lovely bit of introspective (but cleverly misleading) philosophy here John!

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Gaurav Silwal 04 January 2007

This is actually a very nicely thought over poem....I feel Feelings vs Word power (prowess) .....which ought to be the esssence of poetry? ? ? ? ? ? Very interesting, ......cheers Gaurav

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Mary Nagy 04 January 2007

An interesting thing to think about, which are easier to deal with... words or feelings? I'm with you, I would much rather be lost in feelings. Great poem John. Sincerely, Mary

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jack russell 04 January 2007

Lovely sentiments, John. Eloquent as ever :) Best wishes. jack.

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