Poem For The Lazy Poet Poem by Denis Martindale

Poem For The Lazy Poet

I sense how tired you must feel,
The keyboard neath your nose,
Another poem to reveal
Before your day must close...
And so I'm helping you this time,
Some poem just for YOU...
For when it's hard to think or rhyme,
You haven't got a clue...

Enjoy the QWERTY letters there
Pressed on your forehead still,
The spacebar's in your mouth, take care,
If swallowed, you'll be ill...
You've lost Control unless you SHIFT,
You can't Escape your fate,
As long as you've been cast adrift,
To dreamlands you create...

Though you can't Function while asleep,
You can't win dozing, friend...
You feel at Home while speakers bleep,
As you yet reach day's End...
Page Up, Page Down, Insert, Delete,
Your typing's random now,
I hope at least your dreams are sweet,
Some insights to allow...

You may awake, when all dreams cease,
Perchance to shine again,
To share a brand new masterpiece
That's quite beyond our ken!
So dream on, friend, I understand,
Yes, all us poets do...
Though writing poems can be grand,
It's hard at half-past-two...

Denis Martindale, copyright, November 2013.

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