Poetry(4) Poem by erie morganmaples


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He holds all of her essence in those
Leaking lines of black along lids
That wish and dip with a fight
To stay above waters lifting and cold like
Lungs rising for another inhale of

Death in the wind, cremating the pale
Insides that fall with ash in dusty wars
And windows shattering along hands of
Night rattling for each hope breathing
Sculptures of peace in two to break

As their young souls first did after their
Birth by brittle air and false lullabies through
Punishing fights and sweet songs sung
Along bruises and the bottle held tight,
Bleeding out another memory from the temple

Of when they loved until the finish or the
Winning wonders that were never lost before
Time could crawl in the utter darkness
Traveling from their cranium to their tailbone,
Stretching their boundaries forcefully,
Yet never knowing that their love was everlasting

Through sepid flesh and falling skin, shedding
Flames hotter than the beating, breathing
Earth that avoids all acknowledgements
For the wrongs made and mistakes made
Because honest life is only lifted by hands
Of humble light that weaves together eternally.

Caroline Bulleck 16 October 2012

Your talent for writing is simply amazing, excellent really. In case you didn't know, there are poetry scholarships and contests with money prizes that can help you get into college and that will look good on your resume. Two contests I have already tried are the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, World Poetry Movement and who's Who in Poetry. I made it in the top 500 in regionals and was sent to nationals in the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. In World Poetry Movement the poem I submitted was published. I feel you can do just as good or better. So give it a try! And the best of luck to you in your future writings! -Caroline :)

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Caroline Bulleck 16 October 2012

Another great poem! I have trouble writing this well. Be proud of your talent and don't stop writing!

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