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My Lyrical Emotions

I will forever silhouette my
lyrical-emotions as i sit and
compose the poems that seem to
naturally come to me.

Endless Tears

The more I wipe them away
The more they flow
I hide them
So you don't know

My Soul Of This Poetry

you tell me that you long
to fill the ful grasp of
emotion that comes out of my
soul of poetry that i write out

Those Hurting Children

i can't understand why parents
would or could ever hurt a little
child or their own children.

Nobody Listens

I live in a world
So far from home
Forever silenced
And sentenced to roam


i can here the voices crying
out to the dark reveries that
surround my silhouetting
memories forever and ever.

'A Chant Of Darkness' By Helen Keller

I dare not ask why we are reft of light,
Banished to our solitary isles amid the unmeasured seas,
Or how our sight was nurtured to glorious vision,
To fade and vanish and leave us in the dark alone.

The Broken Twilight

your now lost within the
broken twilight, all of
your demons seem to expose
every-thing about you one-

Night Light

As you go turn out your light
The shadows come out into your eyesight
Lurking around in each corner waiting to be found
Waiting quietly not making a sound

Better Day By Charlotte Church

Every day You reach the heart of me
You make me feel so alive
You can brighten up the darkest sky
Your every touch lifts me high

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