Nobody Listens Poem by erie morganmaples

Nobody Listens

Rating: 5.0

I live in a world
So far from home
Forever silenced
And sentenced to roam
The shackles are locked
And the collar is tight
But nobody hears me
I'm too weak to fight
The stars that once twinkled
Are now dark in the night
And the moon that once shone
No longer gives light
On each sparse tree
No leaf is stirred
And the owls that once played
Can no longer be heard
Far in the distance I can see
A glimpse of weak light
That teases me
I watch it grow then fade away
Like a slippery fish
That just can't stay
And as I try to struggle free
The chains resist
And strangle me
As I fall back I clearly see
That a single bird
Flies over me
It stops to perch
Upon a stone
And opens its beak
In a sorrowful moan
A sweet sparrow
With no where to go
It lost its path
And became a crow.

Edward Kofi Louis 17 April 2016

So far from home. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Loud enough to be heard and beautiful enough to be remembered! Well done my friend!

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Unwritten Soul 09 August 2012

when no one listens...listen to your heart, when no one beside remember your strength inside....the one who you not to ignore is the one who call you, yourself....but if you would believe, when no one listening, there is one and be near when no one beside, and He always knows what happen even you not detailing your pain, He may be unseen but always exist if you believe....Can you listen to Him? as He listened to matter what you are not alone to fight when believe is right_Unwritten Soul

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