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I will forever silhouette my
lyrical-emotions as i sit and
compose the poems that seem to
naturally come to me.

The more I wipe them away
The more they flow
I hide them
So you don't know

you tell me that you long
to fill the ful grasp of
emotion that comes out of my
soul of poetry that i write out

i can't understand why parents
would or could ever hurt a little
child or their own children.

I live in a world
So far from home
Forever silenced
And sentenced to roam

i can here the voices crying
out to the dark reveries that
surround my silhouetting
memories forever and ever.

I dare not ask why we are reft of light,
Banished to our solitary isles amid the unmeasured seas,
Or how our sight was nurtured to glorious vision,
To fade and vanish and leave us in the dark alone.

your now lost within the
broken twilight, all of
your demons seem to expose
every-thing about you one-

As you go turn out your light
The shadows come out into your eyesight
Lurking around in each corner waiting to be found
Waiting quietly not making a sound

Every day You reach the heart of me
You make me feel so alive
You can brighten up the darkest sky
Your every touch lifts me high

Have you fallen from the sky of chalk
Feather whispering against the clouds
Waiting for them to crumble, singing
Softly with nobody to listen in rooms that

My thoughts are torn from my
Throat faster than my pummeling
Chest can punish me for breathing
Yet another word of poison.



A loving heart, joyfully right
To a soul screaming in the night,

He holds all of her essence in those
Leaking lines of black along lids
That wish and dip with a fight
To stay above waters lifting and cold like

Come walk with me, and I will tell
What I have read in this scroll of stone;
I will spell out this writing on hill and meadow.
This is New England's entablature of rock,

i'm now left here to figure
out how and what all i've
accomplished and even achieved
in my life over the past few

MISERY is manifold. The wretchedness of earth is multiform. Overreaching the wide horizon as the rainbow, its hues are as various as the hues of that arch, -as distinct too, yet as intimately blended. Overreaching the wide horizon as the rainbow! How is it that from beauty I have derived a type of unloveliness? -from the covenant of peace a simile of sorrow? But as, in ethics, evil is a consequence of good, so, in fact, out of joy is sorrow born. Either the memory of past bliss is the anguish of to-day, or the agonies which are have their origin in the ecstasies which might have been.

My baptismal name is Egaeus; that of my family I will not mention. Yet there are no towers in the land more time-honored than my gloomy, gray, hereditary halls. Our line has been called a race of visionaries; and in many striking particulars -in the character of the family mansion -in the frescos of the chief saloon -in the tapestries of the dormitories -in the chiselling of some buttresses in the armory -but more especially in the gallery of antique paintings -in the fashion of the library chamber -and, lastly, in the very peculiar nature of the library's contents, there is more than sufficient evidence to warrant the belief.

my baby,

i know that you are gone away from me and your father, your spirt will always live inside our hearts, your smile is the one thing that we will miss from you, your words, your laugh, and your ways of making our worlds a better place to live,

Poe brought his anger
and sinister desire
to his poems and to his
stories that he wrote

In fear of what you'll see,
this mirror is a painting
colored with memories
of your dying life.

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i stared writing poetry when i was 13 years of age, my dad taught me how to write and it just kinda stuck with me through the years, when i write my poems they are all based on what people have said to me, or what person impacted me to write that poem about them or what i couldn've said to them at that moment in time, my poetry comes from my heart and soul, it's the one thing that keeps me going as a person, and it's the one emotion that i don't have to set down and tell some-one about, my poetry is very private and personal and i don't like to talk to people about the things that i write or what i'm feeling i truly think that poetry is the way to express what you are truly feeling inside. And i think that's what my poetry does to me, when i write it or even post it i feel like i've outreached some-one and even some-how touched their lives in a way that i thought i never could, so my poetry can be used for good alot of times.)

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My Lyrical Emotions

I will forever silhouette my
lyrical-emotions as i sit and
compose the poems that seem to
naturally come to me.

As the melody comes to
me, my soul seems to
demension every-action
that seems to proceed
my lyrical-emtions to
what they mean to
me as an artist.

All of my lyrical-emotions
feels like a euphorical
smyphony, that erases
every-flaunt of pain that
seems to remain inside my

Let me and my lyrical-
emotions touch the
heart-strings of the people
that are all aroud me.

Please let me be the brilliant
writer that every-one wants
to read and even be inspired
by the thoughts and the feelings
that make me who i am and who
i wanna be as an artist of poetry.

Please let me leave a very
mesmerizing effect of the
people who read my lyrical-
emotions and take them to
heart as they should.

But will you not compare
me to all of the other
poets, and artist, and the
writers that you read on
your spare time.

As you take a closer
look and a closer gilmpse
of me and my lyrical-
emotions then you will
come to understand why
they mean so much to me.
Erie Morgan

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Caroline Bulleck 17 October 2012

Your talent for writing is simply amazing, excellent really. In case you didn't know, there are poetry scholarships and contests with money prizes that can help you get into college and that will look good on your resume. Two contests I have already tried are the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, World Poetry Movement and who's Who in Poetry. I made it in the top 500 in regionals and was sent to nationals in the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. In World Poetry Movement the poem I submitted was published. I feel you can do just as good or better. So give it a try! And the best of luck to you in your future writings! -Caroline :)

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