Poetry Is Not An Exact Science Poem by Daniel Hooks

Poetry Is Not An Exact Science

Rating: 4.5

Would you put one part imagery to one part rhythm or more?
Would you put up philosophical questions to open the mind’s door?
Would you use morals or speak of immorality?
Would you talk of death or immortality?
Would use clarity or make things seem distorted?
Would you use structure and word play to get your poem supported?
Would your poems dance on the page?
Or just be formal and normal?
Would your poem be explosive or corrosive?
Slow burn or turn things on their head?
Go slow or leave the reader for dead
As your poem runs ahead?
Would your poem leave your audience enlightened or stressed?
What would you do to make your poem the best?
What would you do?
If you endeavoured to write a poem too!
Don’t say you can’t write because anyone can express how they feel.
You can write what’s real to you
Reveal your feelings to be true
Poetry is not an exact science
We write from the heart
And that is the place we start
Sometimes we write with fiery love or frenzied rage
On to the page
The desperate stage where we meet with our feelings
And sometimes in our words we are revealing a deeper us
Sometimes we curse and we cuss
But we find feelings true!
May people be inspired by what you write and the poetry of what you do! ! !

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