Kondwani Simwaba

Poetry! My Heart Beats For You. - Poem by Kondwani Simwaba

Poetry! My Heart beats for you.
I was bleeding that night, a bruised ego and wounds running deeper than the Caspian Sea; you see, she came to me in my darkest hour, she laid a finger on my cheeks and replaced my frown with a smile; see, I had the Nile trapped in my eyes; sighs, banked in my breath; she whispered to my ears and said, I will stay with you like Sam Smith and support your will like Jaden; In pursuit of happiness, she melted my heart.
I was alone, trapped in solitude; enshrouded by many but none could hear my ululations; intonations, not picked by any; ennui was but my only friend, until she came along; she asked me to pick up a pen and paper; she said, she'd reside in my heart and promised she'd never part; see, her cousins ode and elegy were good to me; Literature, her mother kept me under her wing; Iambic was nothing but a good brother; it is quite sad what happened to her sister eulogy but her dad, rhythm accepted me like his own son.
Tears dried when she graced my pen; she filled my paper with beautiful melodies; despite studying linguistics, she spoke Art as her only language; bandages, it provided for my scars; stars, only lived in her eyes; she carried the entire galaxy on her face; yes, she calmed the storms in my raging heart; warmed the ice in my shoulder; older she got and finer she became; see I called her my honey because only the Bees would relate to her taste; zest, is all she brought to my heart; I promise there's none like her, Poetry my Love, today and ‘til I die…

Topic(s) of this poem: love

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 6, 2018

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