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It is the definitive art of expression; the channel I have to my heart's deepest desires and feelings; the bridge beyond physical experience rather emotional existence; the bridge to a world of immortality full of imagination; a world where only words live; where pain is unknown; it is a world of endless creation of possibilities beyond orthodox comprehension; it is my fortress; the only place with where if I cry, I find my solace; it is a world like no other; where feelings are nurtured like a baby and it's mother; it is one word yet defined in many; it is what brings beauty after your cheeks get rainy; it is my comfort; it is art; it is descriptive of all that a human mind can imagine and beyond; it is talent bestowed upon a common mind with uncommon virtues; it is about anything and the only thing that can define nothing; it is an oxymoron, a paradox and indeed a conundrum of words; it is porch with both its sound and feel; its rhymes tougher than steel; it is the relief from pain beyond that of a pill; it demands patience, talent and skill for it is tactfully real; its shrewdness is both undeniably astounding and inexplicable; it is Art.
It is the revealing of secrets so clandestine in the heart; it is beautiful as much as it is confusing; it touches the soul and lands beyond the eyes and ears; its gravitational force enables people to fall in love with it; just ordinary words arranged in-ordinarily; it is written with: pens, pencils, markers and everything possible; it is gracious; it is short sometimes long, small sometimes big and it has rhymes sometimes metaphors; it has rhythm, pictures and a system; it is both eloquent and vivid hence it glows on paper; it has various styles of expression peculiar to the common man; it has taste unlike that overcooked beef in Hip hop; it is in music, dancing, writing and painting; it is both imaginary and very realistic; it is told from both creative thinking and experience; it is genius as it seeks to explore and is so, curious; it is just recitation of tactfully arranged words; it is everything I feel both inside out; my feelings expressed by this wonderful wonder and its love.
It is the fuel to my soul; it is indeed my whole for it is life and it completes me kinda like a good wife; it is true, complicated and yet simple; it is green, so peaceful and tranquil yet it is also like glass, so clear and fragile; I mean! Just like a model posing in bikinis on a sunny day, it is hot and though it does not reside in a freezer, it is fresh; it is as beautiful as a full moon; it is sad and lonely; it is also unspoken, like heroes unsung; it is captivating, like the tune of a hummingbird; it defines me; it is my vehicle, for it transports me to place of serenity and joy; a place of bliss and the peace of a sleeping baby boy; it lives in my heart; my dreams and my eyes for ‘tis all I see in the sky; it is the sound of a flute played amongst closed bamboos on an isolated island; it is everywhere; in the movement of trees blown by calm winds, in the swing of a pen on a writing pad and in the deep blue sky unfettered by weather; it is the comforter of an orphan, the husband of the widow, the voice of the voiceless and the child of the barren not forgetting the rise of the fallen and the belief in impossibilities; it is indeed immortality for it possesses the profoundest of good quality; it is what it is and it is indefinable and incomprehensible type of art; it is the beauty of life in its entirety; it has been passed on from generation to generation and still it lives on and it is all that I know; it is Poetry and it is truly all that I love…

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  • Chinedu Dike (11/2/2017 6:10:00 AM)

    An insightful depiction of poetry as a childbirth of profundity with rendition of words to utmost justice. Thanks for such a wonderful piece on this beautiful art called poetry. Remain blessed brother. (Report)Reply

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