Poetry Of Postconceprual Technique Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Poetry Of Postconceprual Technique

poetry of postconceptual technique

''key to art of poetry is multiple-multidimensional technique of poems and text-life.''
''secret of understanding is intensive reading and understanding ways of reality in thinking web and thinking network and thinking nestwork, in the process-pdompt-procedure triology working and interoperating by directly experiential mindful wisdom with critical reasoning
(from nyein way's poem
''poetic iodine: way of reality and thought both in concept ''living'' and
in concept ''life''.
(from nyein way's poem
'' voice within
: ungrapsable if not directly experiential
'' <>1999)
textual creation by nyein way's poetic-nonpoetic -experiential wisdom-mediated writings on the process-prompt-procedure-symbolic-imaginary-the real zone of humanity learning-living life community, reflecting and deconstructing and making organic reality, virtual reality-and-spiritual intelligence tour throughout textual build-ups of the paranoid city to the schizoid city to the liberation city, which managing postconceptual analysis of the mind-body-text visits.
nonpoetic texts of the glitched-gapped theory of
maturity eyesight,99-river logic of symbolic-textual uncreative technique poetics of postconceptual-postcontemporary voyage.

nyein way
(2012/edited 2024)

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