Bijay Kant Dubey

Poetry, The Types & Tenors Of It - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Poetry classical, scholastic, pedantic, medievalistic,
Verbose, bombastic, archaic and linguistic
Rhyming with
Arranged as per word-order and the sentence-construction,
Poetry profound, sober and sombre,
Poetry imagistic, poetry landscapic,
Wordy and linguistic,
Poetry rhythmic, lyrical
Rhyming with and lilting,
Poetry satiric, poetry ironical,
Poetry full of jibes, taunts and laughs,
Poetry full of irony, oblique approach,
Fun, pun and humour,
The art of the humorist,
Poetry imaginative, poetry photographic,
Poetry imaginative, poetry fanciful,
Poetry dreamy and colourful,
Poetry as songs, poetry as pictures,
Images and photographs,
An album of photos,
Arts on exhibition,
A visit to the art gallery,
Poetry as portraits,
Poetry as art,
Full of aesthetic sense and aesthetic beauty,
Poetry as lyrics
And the poet a lyricist,
poetry as word-painting
And the poet a word-arranger,
An image-maker.

Poetry mythical, poetry symbolical,
Poetry archaeological, sculptural, archival,
Historiographical and musicological,
Poetry poetry,
Poetry drawing from myths, symbols, signs and motifs,
Poetry archetypal, poetry racial, ethnic,
Poetry interdisciplinary
Drawing from sociology, history, art and culture,
Geography, cartography and mapping,
Poetry real and down to ground realities,
Poetry bare and realistic,
Poetry religious holy, virtuous and pietistic
With the heart as the temple
Of God
Where dwells in the poor sinless soul,
Poetry descriptive, poetry narrative,
Poetry imagistic, poetry picturesque,
Poetry natural, poetry environmental,
Free flow of emotion and feeling,
Upsurges happening within,
The waves rising and falling on the seashore,
Poetry as the love of books and libraries,
Poetry as fact and fiction,
Poetry as knowledge and wisdom,
Poetry as the lamp of light burning,
Emitting light,
Dispelling darkness.

Topic(s) of this poem: art

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