Police - Speeding Car Poem by Paul Warren

Police - Speeding Car

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Gordon Loft was a traffic officer working radar duty
Whose wife and daughter was in a family beauty
His crew were operating the radar on Gorge road
And detected an offender in speeding car mode
So Gordon walked out on the hot bitumen
To indicate to this driver who was without acumen

The driver swerved into Gordon knocking him down
And he was killed lying broken on the ground
His mates quickly ran to his aid
And the driver in his escape made
There was nothing left to be done
Except find the driver who had run

So they found and charged him for Gordon's death
And he was jailed but it did not diminish tragedy's breath
So again a family was left to carry on without a father
To compound the mess in a final grief to gather
Was the death of the wife in a crash which appalled
And we wonder how the daughter survived in justice called

© Paul Warren Poetry

Gordon Loft was a South Australian police officer who was run over by a speeding motorist who was jailed.A couple of years later Gordon's wife was killed in a car crash leaving the daughter alone - who was raised by an aunt and uncle. Vale Gordon Loft.
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rgyefqsu 04 June 2018

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Rajnish Manga 01 August 2015

That is the most tragic incident which shattered the dreams of a lovely family by the folly of an irresponsible motorist on the road. This poem brings to fore a subject which is so often repeated in different parts of the world. Two incidents of the same nature happened in New Delhi in the recent past. Thanks for the poem, Paul.

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Paul, I'm liking this a lot, and at the same time I'm saying to myself...S E L F'! I think Paul Warren just might possess the tools to try his pen in hand at Short Stories... Not to say that contemporary poetry is not your niche, for trust me, if I didn't enjoy your poetry, I would not be on your page right now leaving this message. You, like me...are a natural story teller & Imagist, which means your literary range is virtually boundless as to what areas of the Literary Arts you might want to dabble in...Good Stuff, Paul...Keep that pen pumping...~FjR~

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Paul Warren

Paul Warren

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