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I dream of you
When I feel the first rays of the morning sun
At evening when the long day is finally done
On a blazing day when a cool breeze blows

An Australian day is dawning bright and new
In a wide bright sky forever painted azure blue
Kookaburras laugh greeting the sun's arrival
The steam engine strains awaiting its revival

Blue sky forever on
Stretching to the horizon
Is your path planned?

I wander through the corridors of time
Visiting the rooms there in my mind
And some faces I see again
A few that I call friends

The day of the year is finally here
Again we gather together in good cheer
Christmas Eve is the Carols by Candlelight
With those treasured songs sung so bright

I watched something on the television in a program about Euthanasia
And since my father died from cancer what palliative care would be a saviour
I can understand I think how sick people would want a choice in their death
And some dignity with it from degenerative diseases that are horrible in their breath

I have a little man who whispers in my ear
I may not always see him but he doesn't disappear
You know he knows right from wrong and will tell me quite clear
Whatever it takes to find the truth I will know it is now near

They say everyone has a spiritual guide
So that your decisions are not too one eyed
I’ve thought this through so this is my list
What about Elvis who has a musical gist

In judgement’s call a parchment list revealed
Of deeds indefensible and innocence congealed
A baby left all alone in an oppressive heat
The mother’s denial was for herself to secrete

Hot days and cool nights
Perfect Australian weather
The Great Southern Land

Gazing out on an aqua blue sea on a golden sunny day
With a cool breeze in your face is such a happy stay
As the surf rolls to the beach the children happily play
With boats anchored out to the horizon in a fishing display

Words can be hurtful
The same words can heal as well
Which do you choose now


I remember my first cuddle from her
As she held me in her arms as I stirred
And how she was always there
My Mum whom I know did care

A man demanding white supremacy stands with a gun
Church goers cower as bullets speak their evil done
A grand-mother, coach and preacher breathe their last
Tears are not enough surely the day of the gun has past

Gordon Loft was a traffic officer working radar duty
Whose wife and daughter was in a family beauty
His crew were operating the radar on Gorge road
And detected an offender in speeding car mode

If we don't want to fight
Why do we make weapons so right
And we plot and scheme
About defeating an enemy as our dream

Who cries for them now
When we do not care for them
And don't know them

What did we learn from the stories of our youth?
They were so innocent and never uncouth
There were heroes who always won
And the villains in the end all come undone

The Chinese cracked our computer weather
It seems the fire walls didn't hold things together
So from now on they will know
The best beach weather and where to go

If the Darkness prevails
And evil tips the scales
How can we live in this world then
Who will stand if justice ends?

Paul Warren Biography

I am now retired and grew up in Adelaide in the western suburbs. Like poetry particularly Australian with Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson in particular. Like to tell a story with writing of poems and to draw them from my own experiences mainly.

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Love - I Dream Of You

I dream of you
When I feel the first rays of the morning sun
At evening when the long day is finally done
On a blazing day when a cool breeze blows
And when I see someone wiggling their nose
When I feel the first drops of a rain fall by
And when a rainbow arch bends across the sky
You still know how to make me smile
Please come and sit with me awhile.

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Plan for the future, live in the present, be proud of your past

Doers take chances which reap best rewards.

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Paul Warren Popularity

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