World - End Of Life Options Poem by Paul Warren

World - End Of Life Options

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I watched something on the television in a program about Euthanasia
And since my father died from cancer what palliative care would be a saviour
I can understand I think how sick people would want a choice in their death
And some dignity with it from degenerative diseases that are horrible in their breath
Countries are legislating this choice for their people in their death decision's depth
The Netherlands made it legal with the help of a doctor to have an assisted death

Then the program showed Antoinette a Dutch older citizen
Whose ailment was a psychological illness in her lament in her end
With her doctor she presented an argument about ending it all
Because her depression was so bad she wanted it to count as her fall
On the day of her death she had her friends, son and daughter there
For a death ceremony in her bedroom after saying goodbye for all to care

If these end of life options were to be legislated for each one of us
With a lowering of the bar would other reasons for suicide be without a fuss
When these reasons are factored in would we shrug and say it's want they want
And assisted deaths become the norm in examining their reasons in their font
Old age, infirmity, disability or person's finite choice would be the reason
With a doctor's note agreeing to the reasons pinned to the latest victim in the end

But I find these psychological reasons to be without a lot of sense for assisted suicide
Smacking of the Nazis and getting rid of people that society would not abide
Finally would it be that the person to die may not have a choice for themselves?

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Kelly Kurt 12 September 2016

I lean more towards a libertarian approach on this subject. If it is a decision made by a competent individual and is not effecting anyone else, the government should just stay out of it

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Bharati Nayak 12 September 2016

Euthanasia - a choice for critical patient with no hope for survival to die painlessly with medical aid.This has many ethical, medical, legal and humantarian issues involved.It is like abetting the suicide of the patient with his consent.Then who is to decide that the patient has no chance for survival except God? When a patient has no consciousness, in no position to think for himself, the medical team will decide with the consent of closest family members.But when it is a question of taking life of a human being how can we ensure that their decision is 100% right.When Science is progressing and when we create new creatures from DNA why should we not give chance to'HOPE'' ? Our aim should be to relieve the pain of patient, but not taking his life. Thanks for sharing your poem on question of EUTHANASIA.

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Bharati Nayak 12 September 2016

Congratulations for being chosen Poet of the Day for a well deserving poem.

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Rajnish Manga 12 September 2016

Once again the subject of Euthanasia comes into focus. Generally nobody would like to die on his own. It is only when one is surrounded by health issues that are beyond cure and the life becomes a big ordeal for the person, family and the society at large, the option should be allowed subject to the the concurrence of all parties and a panel of doctors. All ethical and religious issues will have to be set aside. Thanks for sharing this highly thought provoking poem.

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Buried Alive 21 March 2017

Quite a write to sum up so skillfully such a controversial and delicate subject in poetic fashion. Excellent job

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 12 September 2016

getting rid of people that society would not abide Finally would it be that the person to die may not have a choice for themselves? Nice poem. Good work.

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Seamus O Brian 12 September 2016

Congratulations on being chosen poet of the day. You tackle a complex subject in your work, the ensuing reaction to which will serve as a reminder of the polarizing considerations involved. Yet these subjects belong as much to the realm of art as to the realms of science and politics, because I doubt we will ever be able to divorce our decisions in these matters from the consequences they bring to bear on our souls.

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Bernard Snyder 12 September 2016

Congratulations on your poem being chosen Paul. Great one!

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Edward Kofi Louis 12 September 2016

With a doctor's note! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Paul Warren

Paul Warren

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