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Politics Of Pregnancy - Poem by premji premji

Who cares for her shattered dreams when she is
Brutally raped on the very first night?
Who cares for her preconception health when,
For him, the only activity is making her pregnant?

Who cares for her repeated abortions
Which results in cervical damage,
Which in turn makes her unable to carry
The weight of a later pregnancy?

Who cares for not to satiate his excessive lust
When she is pregnant, which can cause
Abortion and maternal mortality?

Who cares for prenatal care that can keep
Her unborn baby and herself
Healthy during pregnancy?

Who cares to relieve her excessive work load at home
And her ever expanding stress to provide
High-quality child care for her five or six other children,
From earlier pregnancies?

Who cares for her signs and symptoms of anemia,
Her fatigue, increased heart beat or palpitations
Paleness of inside of eyelids, gums and nail beds
Desire to eat indigestible or peculiar foods?

Who cares for her backache, increasing weight,
Change in her centre of gravity and powerlessness?
Who cares for her malnutrition, poor health,
Lack of education, overwork, mistreatment?

Who cares for her dental hygiene, her broken teeth,
For the baby grows within is another tyrant
Who grabs Calcium, even from her teeth and bones?
Who cares for her cramps and muscle spasm,
Heartburn and indigestion, insomnia?

Who cares for her needs to go to the toilet frequently,
As the growing baby reduces her bladder capacity?

Who cares her inability to get comfortable
When she has neither clean water nor safe sanitation,
And necessary support either from health services?

Who cares not to tense her,
Already she is suffering from all sort of
Tension and high blood pressure?
And her mother-in-law terrifies her again
The consequences if the newborn could be of a girl!
Sad, woman is the greatest enemy of
Another woman, in the most needed times!
If she dies, none is worried...
For he can marry once again!
More dowries, more sex and more kids!

Who cares for her post natal depression,
As none to take care of the newborn and other kids,
She has to run for office and other workplaces
With heavy breasts, pain and bladder infections?

Who cares that every pregnancy weakens her a lot
As she need some time to recover her health...
And on the very day she can spread her legs,
By force, he starts his activities again!
He knows how how to starve the newborn
Just by emptying her breasts!

When things are like this,
Every religious clergy flays
The limiting of the family size by birth control!
Christians wish for a Christian world
Muslims dream for a new world under Islam
Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and
Every religious fanatic dreams of the same!
They offer gifts for women for bearing
More and more children
For more children is their cheapest weapon!

When will they dream for a HUMAN WORLD?

Healthy children need healthy mothers.
Healthy mothers need healthy food,
Loving husbands (optional!) and caring society
For true world is made of love!

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  • (12/19/2011 4:04:00 AM)

    There are many explicit comments in this poem. The language is that which makes one see the wrong, the so wrong of what you say in this piece. But yet, things like the ones you talk about here really happen daily in this world, and one can only hope that this too should pass.

    I think you made your point in this try, and that you succeed in saying what you wanted to. Perhaps this is a bit too long for those who prefer short pieces, but I for one found it necesary that you wrote this much. You had a lot to say, and I do not mind poems of this size as long as they are written well, and you did well here.

    I could say more here, things such as the lines, the stanzas size, the choice of words, but I would like to leave now.

    Take care and the best to you, and by the way I have a book out titled, 'Simply My Mind.' If you like a copy, go to Amazon. com and type the name of the book of my name Luis Estable and you will see. Also, if you would be so kind to pass the word along.

    Keep on writing!

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