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Is this sweet babe
The bright crescent moon, or the charming flower of the lotus,
The honey in a flower, or the lustre of the full moon,
A pure coral gem, or the pleasant chatter of parrots,

The world -
smaller and smaller

Words grow
Beyond the words
Beyond the self
Beyond the soul

Poet is a suicide bomber
For he is exinct with every explosion
But, the words fly apart
Make you bleed with their sharp edges


When I could listen to
Your heart-beats on mine,

A sacred hand towards the poor,
A golden heart for the invalids,
A heavenly smile for the refugees….
O Mother,

Every poet is an ion
Not an atom
Or a molecule...
With some freed electrons

I am the spear
You are the wound
I am the wound
You are the spear

We met
Somewhere in this
Narrow cooridor of

Scratched on air,
Scribbled on water....
Trap me in
The prison of words...

Maharashtrians renamed
Bombay to 'Mumbai'
Tamilians renamed
Madras to 'Chennai'

'Of the people
By the people
For the people'

Poet is a living pyre,
But, what to burn
Except his soul....
With billion degrees

Why did you come to my life?
Why did you capture my entire love?
Why did you become my everything?

I want to end up this journey
It is only having twists from its usual paths
Somebody is pulling me, saying:

'Forgive me Lord,
For I haven't read the Bible yet..'

'Then, what have you read? '

Am I mad?
Many things are piercing
Their sharp arrows on my soul, my body
And my life..


(This is not a poem, but a thought process)

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RAINBOW IN THE DARK! Who am I? A man without profile… My world is without boundaries… I am that: ‘PREM', inexplicable by English… I am that nothingness… Nobody… I am not a poet… But, I love words…)

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(013) The Most Beautiful Lullaby Ever Written (Omanathinkalkidavo..)

Is this sweet babe
The bright crescent moon, or the charming flower of the lotus,
The honey in a flower, or the lustre of the full moon,
A pure coral gem, or the pleasant chatter of parrots,
A dancing peacock, or a sweet singing bird,
A bounding young deer, or a bright shining swan,
A treasure from God, or the pet parrot in the hands of Iswari*
The tender leaf of the Kalpa tree, or the fruit of my tree of fortune,
A golden casket to enclose the jewel of my love,
Nectar in my sight, or a light to dispel darkness,
The seed of my climbing fame, or a never fading bright pearl,
The brilliance of the sun to dispel all gloom of misery,
The Vedas in a casket, or the melodious Veena (Musical instrument) ,
The lovely blossom put forth by the stout branch of my tree of enjoyment,
A cluster of pichaka buds, or a sugar-candy sweet on the tongue,
The fragrance of musk, the best of all good,
The breeze laden with the scent of flowers, or the essence of purest Gold,
A bowl of fresh milk, or the sweetest smelling rose-water,
The field of all virtue, or an abode of all duty,
A cup of thirst quenching cold water, or a sheltering shade,
A never-falling Mallika flower or my own stored up wealth,
The auspicious object of my gaze, or my most precious jewel,
A stream of virtuous beauty, or an image of the youthful Krishna,
The bright forehead mark of the Goddess Lakshmi*,
Or, by the mercy Padmanabha*, Is it the source of my future happiness,
Is it, in this beautiful form, an Avatar of Krishna himself?

* Goddess
• Goddess of prosperity
• Lord Vishnu

This is the most beautiful lullaby ever-written.
This lullaby is written by Irayimman Thampi some 200 years back in the language of Malayalam for infant Swati Tirunal, later became the Maharaja of Travancore. Even now, it is the most popular lullaby in Malayalam. This lullaby is translated by some great soul, my salutations to Him.

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Subroto Chatterjee 08 April 2009

....Life@Globalization? Not just mental invasion, my friend. There are many others. But some invasions are welcome! A nation's chooses to be invaded.....whose decides? ? Welcome to democracy.

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