(133) The Corridors Of Life (Silssa 1983 - 99) Poem by premji premji

(133) The Corridors Of Life (Silssa 1983 - 99)

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We met
Somewhere in this
Narrow cooridor of

This pain and loneliness
Striking somewhere!
And the stinking medicines
Made our tongues

We made them stand back
By our little chats,
Silly games and
Mocking eachother!

But, sometimes I fear:
are we restricted
Only to this frenzy of despair
For ever?

Will there be
An enlightened new path
Opened by His grace?

We saw
So many doves here,
But, now, sometimes
Why they appear as crows?

On seeing my panic
On other faces
It makes out to me:
This is life
And it has got
So many corridors!

Are they really dark?

Silssa (1983 - 99)

For the very first time, I liked staying in Regional cancer center. It was because of a small boy named Arun. What this Arun means? If I am to write, it means Sun, the sole living source. He made my life joyful in this medical desert. We used to have long chats in the evenings.we used to play games.We also teased about the officials in this hospital. cute naughty brother.

But today, he is going. And I feel like a girl who lost her boy for amusement! But, he will be coming back here soon again.

(Arun didn't come back. I didn't tell her that he is no more)

Ravi Sathasivam 27 June 2009

Very sad and tragic. I have no words because my heart full of tears.

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Chitra - 27 June 2009

a sensitive write on the loss of a near one..life has so many corridors that we think if one is closed the other will open up soon only to find out that we were groping our way thru' darkness all the time

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Mamta Agarwal 28 June 2009

even in the face of tragedy, man searches for meaning and solace. the young boy made it easier to bear the pain. for i believe, nothing heals like human touch and warmth. its a logical question at the end. dealing with terminal illness is very painful and time for refflection on life. very touching. what is remarkable is there is no self pity. she has left valuable lessons for us to learn. how do you explain why it happens before the time is ripe... Mamta

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Gargi Saha 28 June 2009

A very sorrowful poem. May they soul rest in peace.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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C. P. Sharma 29 June 2009

Even in the darkest corridors of life we can have glimpses of fun and frolic to enjoy it. A great poem and a message from the little angel in this poem. CP

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Sandra Fowler 03 February 2010

Your sister has become a poem for all the world to read. Beautiful, Premji. Always your friend, Sandra

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Prof. Dr. Sakti Chakravorty 04 September 2009

‘…This is life And it has got So many corridors! But, Are they really dark? …’ If I were a Vedantist I’d have commented as Paradox, Cosmic-Game [Lila]. But being a mundane self it aches my heart by allness. For communicating skill I’m voting not for the incident. dr. sakti PS Very rightly it has 3 votes but 32 comments.

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Seema Chowdhury 13 July 2009

yes life is cruel at times and we cannot find answers to asll our questions. thanks for sharing this poem.

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Nadia Dudas 06 July 2009

Completely understand where you're coming from in this poem. Beautifully written, makes you think and ask questions, important ones

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Rema Prasanna 05 July 2009

If there is guinnes book for crows, there is a chance for you to reach there through the corridors of life beyond death. Go in for more such endeavors, I mean write more like this. Heartfelt..

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