(005) Chemistry Of Poetry Poem by premji premji

(005) Chemistry Of Poetry

Rating: 2.9

Every poet is an ion
Not an atom
Or a molecule...
With some freed electrons
He comes in search of
Your neurons
Where they join with your soul
To feel the zeal of
Wonderful words
Keep your antennas
Always up!


rohit sapra 07 November 2008

This is a nice poem compiled through usage of scientific terms and little humor. Nice one to read.

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Raj Nandy 24 November 2008

The title attracted me since I have written on - 'The Physics & Chemistry of Love '! I liked this poem - 10! - Raj

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Indira Babbellapati 05 December 2008

...suffices to say, we draw inspiration from one another!

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June30 Tara 16 January 2009

A 10plus for you... Cud really feel the zeal of ur words...

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T S 16 March 2009

Very deep and soulful Very enjoyable 10++ Tracy

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Kesav Easwaran 11 October 2009

creative original and intelligent...not a false word anywhere i find there...the structure with well packed atoms inside...thanks...10x10

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Vanita Thakkar 17 August 2009

Good comparison. Vanita.

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Bizarre imagery! Only possible by poets! Not in the realm of matter. But in the world of … ….well those poets only know. Regards dr. sakti 14.08.09.

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Ratnaprabha Raykar 28 July 2009

all your poems on poetry are eyeopeners.....wonderful poems

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Raj Nandy 15 July 2009

A sweet and nice piece of poem! Reminded me of my Chemistry of Love which I had written a year back! 10! -Raj Nandy

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premji premji

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