(002) The World Poem by premji premji

(002) The World

Rating: 3.5

The world -
smaller and smaller
the minds -
narrower and narrower,
the hearts -
empty without feelings,
love -
hollow without trust,
the countries -
freeze in nuclear winter,
nature -
exists without soul,
the sea-
sign of lost charm and blue,
the streams -
dry without fountainheads,
the woods -
chopped trunks,
flowers -
fade in acid rain,
fragrance -
lost for ever,
beauty -
left unseen,
hatred -
spreads everywhere,
violence -
the most loved art,
the youths -
left with insecurity,
mothers -
no milk to feed,
kids -
live like mutes,
schools -
places of torture,
colleges -
place of terror and drugs,
the dreams -
face drought,
pain -
face floods,
lovers -
shot in streets,
the eyes -
blind with tears,
the lungs -
fume in fumes,
water -
taste blood,
air -
smell the dead,
the elders -
thrown out like waste,
justice -
forbidden fruit,
houses -
like tombs,
religion -
group of killers,
unity -
the most hated word,
freedom -
always in chains,
slavery -
flourishes everywhere,
rulers -
royal pimps,
I live here
like a dead fish
without hope,
eyes wide open
and heart truly broke!


Christina Phan 23 June 2009

fanastice poem its true about ur world 11+ kept it up ur derseve it people can totally relate to it i enjoy it from beginning to end

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Dr. Sonal Chhaya 22 June 2009

is this truly our world.... am really pained..

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Ashraful Musaddeq 21 June 2009

'I live here like a dead fish without hope, eyes wide open and heart truly broke! ' I love the above lines of this excellent poem.

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Dipika P 14 June 2009

crafted real well...good luck!

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Jay P. Narain 25 May 2009

Great poem. This is the real world we live in. It is nice to meet an illustrious poet.

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Sandra Fowler 26 March 2010

Extraordinary words from an extraordinary poet. Your last lines are truly poignant. 10/10. Always your friend, Sandra

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Rachel Butler 21 November 2009

'Mothers -no milk to feed, kids - live like mutes' Rachel Ann Butler

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Bob Blackwell 03 September 2009

Premji, a poem with a very sad reflection of our world. One of the wonders of nature is that no matter how much we abuse, ravage, smash, her she comes back to smile with beauty once again. Human spirit is part of that nature, it usually endures what you describe to also smile again. My ideal world may not be reachable but lets keep aiming high, we have to to survive!

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 04 August 2009

this poem is good. It's somehow somewhat like my poem 'To the people where freedom exists, I write'

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Lady Grace 29 June 2009

the world is where we belong..no questions for that..this is beautiful..grace

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