* Portrait Of A Princess *

Reflect upon her noble face,
Its smile shines like the sun,
Dazzling beauty and gentle grace,
Delighting everyone.
Her hair cascading gently down
In such a wondrous way,
She doesn't need to wear a crown
Her status to portray.
And here am I, in wonder still,
Resplendent smiles to see,
My very heart and mind to fill
And love eternally.

Denis Martindale. October 2021.

A YouTube video, with teacher Riddhi Sharma's review
of the tiger poem, Portrait Of A Prince, as written by
Denis Martindale about a painting by Stephen Gayford.
Class 8 poem. English Literature. Video: AMR Kartavya.
Portrait Of A Princess is a short acrostic love poem that
uses all 12 letters of the teacher's name, Riddhi Sharma.

* Portrait Of A Princess *