Post- Portrait Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Post- Portrait


the post-conceptual universe

nature of nature culture of culture bone city of silence glitches bon city of gaps amd of spaces between vibrated particles blood flesh skin heart kidney arteries and veins circulation of conceptual drives over the body of poetry flowing namelessly inside mind-matter city of imoermanence city of wisdom contemplating upon the city centre of changing realities of essenceless emptiness of natural truths parelling with cultural centre of crestive mind in process art of productive-reproductuve politics of aesthetics the neuroaesthetics of nowness with no-ego realization resilience wisdom children are father of future children are mother of post-futurust's macines children are future of education process poetics.
let's sing a song for tomorrow's
earth-ske-singularity-plurality song.
this is nonpoetic poetry of the utopian reality in nature into infinity quantum.
a man and ann a poem and a truth-berge.
a man and postconceptual universe
a man and postcontemporary universe
the voiced and stillness and silence
multi-universal human of new science and of new poetics in nowmess of being in fluxus.
nyein way

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