Poverty Poem by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..


Eradication of poverty all over the world
A must and justice to the people
Poverty is not at all a curse or to blame
It is surely the system's failure in sharing.

Poverty the most dreaded thing to experience
To a thinking mind to live without food
Or to the barest minimum of necessities
where it is denied is a cruel thing to experience

Blame the world of poverty and try for corrections
Share the resources to such an equality
At least for two square meals a day
And minimum necessities that humans want

Respect the human being and its dignity all over
Surely poverty is the most objectionable thing
The confidence of life losing in its bottom lines
The unhelpful society accuses the poverty as fate.

The world is so improved in living conditions
But the system in sharing is rotten and old
Change those inequalities in perfect peace
Allowing the human life more possibilities and change.

Life is short and human life is precious
Only the world order can save the humans
The world is fully capable to look after
If there is a perfect world with change of mind
Contentment, kindness, and humanity be preserved.

Poverty the most disturbing problem of the humans and eradication of poverty is a necessity.
Upendra Upm 23 March 2017

beautiful and bold writings

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Salini Nair 21 June 2014

Poverty is not at all a curse or to blame It is surely the system's failure in sharing.its the truth.......................like it

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Valsa George 20 June 2014

Poverty is mostly man made. When resources are owned by the limited minority and money heaps up in the hands of a few, the majority becomes deprived of the basic necessities of life.. A willingness to share the excess with others and a system to see equitable distribution of means and opportunities to all are the only solution to eradicate poverty! A well thought out poem!

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