Pottery Village.Industry Poem by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

Pottery Village.Industry

From a lump of clay he made wonders
The amazing result of the handiwork
There a shape of clay pot he made
And rolled in his wheel, and revolved
The age old traditional system prevails
Here in this small hamlet near my village
They lives in peace and contented
Their sharing of tools and equipment
Their mutual helps are praiseworthy
From mining to the burned pottery
They needs supports of their co workers
The ovens in traditional firewood furnace
The raw pots put into with care
Then taking after the days of burning
Here the job they completed the work
The pottery industry, the great ancient system
The potters presence in historic texts
From Mohangedaro, Harappa civilizations
The remains of pottery said to be found
Different types of earthen pots
Different type of worshipful purposes
The animal forms for fascinating items
From ancestry to modern days prevailed
Indebted to the values of human life
The eco friendly industry must sustain
More to give a life to the workers
More to the friendly utensils for use
Happy to understand, the importance
Slowly modern man accept the reality
Earthen pots are so useful and friendly
So healthy and environment friendly
The remains continues to be back history
The remains continued to be eco friendly
The potters have a wonderful past
A faded present, and unpredictable future
The world is speedily with modernism
The meager earning of workers in the job
The existence became so crucial always
Here the village they have a humanistic mind
Mother earth is joining with pride in their hands
A small glass of water to quench the thirst
That too stored in a earthen jar so important
While a dip going to the throat
The thanksgiving emotion to the mother earth
Pottery must exist and boomed to grow
For our own sake and well being of workers
The dedication, commitment, is high standard.

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