Praecaveo Lectoris (Reader, Beware) Poem by Poet Dragon

Praecaveo Lectoris (Reader, Beware)

Rating: 5.0

We watch the fireflies flicker
dim and dangerous in the darkness
and dream of stars above so bright
that they outshine the moon

We laugh at water rushing in around us
as we sink, sink, sink
and drown eventually
in our fears and even our hope

We shape the heavens in our dreams,
wondering at the impossibilities
and glitter at the clouds,
and dance for the stars and sing for the lost

We look at one another,
laughing, grinning, joking, our eyes
and gasp at the mirror before us
throwing back nightmares and fear

It is not the predator that hunts us,
that lingers in the afterglow, waiting
It is not the shadows that plot against us,
waiting for us to blow out the light

It is the crushing feeling in our chest
that leaves us empty, choking, wanting,
It is the flash of heat in our back
that paralyzes us and chains our tears

and smiles silver in the moonlight...
pushing us deeper into the night
where the sounds whisper in our ear to let it go...
to let the chance pass

We take ourselves home for the day
and rush, rush, rush to arrive
and search the tube for meaning
and think dark thoughts...

Until the scent, so common now,
wakes us up to eat and drink and laugh...
and fall asleep
like practicing for death

Project Stricture 18 April 2006

Wonderful wordplay, my friend. Keep writing and I'll keep enjoying...

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***** ********* 28 March 2006

Yes! ! ! ! lol Poet Dragon, more of this please. It reads brilliantly out loud. Real pace and power to your pen. You male poets get it so easy! lol It's true. 10 from grinning, practicing for death like a woman possessed! Tai

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