Mitta Xinindlu

Freshman - 626 Points (South Africa)

Pray For These Men - Poem by Mitta Xinindlu

Ladies, aren't you horrified?
I mean aren't you scared for these men?
For our men and boyfriends?
For our brothers, fathers, uncles, and
For our sons, nephews and neighbours?
For any person who pees whilst standing?

Gosh! I'm laden with grief
I'm in solemn fear for our nation of men.
Have these men gone paltry?
Why do you sit in silence then
instead of breaking in prayer for these men?

Every time I read the newspaper,
something horrible has happened to the men -
like, they're stuck under the mines,
Or have drowned.
Or have fought in parliament.
Or have burned foreigners alive.
Or have slaughtered living human beings in the name of Allah.
Or they're over in Iraq or Israel, or Jerusalem -
initiating wars and opening more sores.
Or they've abducted children to enslave as sex objects,
or they have fallen into adultery.
Or something.

If not, then some men
are inflicting more horror on other humans;
like raping and murdering human beings -
slaying them like they're cutting down grass in the woods.
Or they see them as nothing but things.

I'm afraid for the end
of someone who pees against the wall.
For the one who's hairy chest goes unquestioned.
For the one who carries children in his trousers.
For the one who was born to lead.

Aren't these the same men
who were given authority over all moving bodies
including dog, child and woman?
Aren't these the same men
who were meant to be the head in every household?
Aren't these the same men
who were meant to provide and protect the woman and child?

Why do I sit here in this corner today,
wailing for the men?
Why do I sit in this corner today,
begging for prayers for the men?

Where can I find prayerful women
who can pray life and positivity over these men?
Who can guide me
to a holy field where I can bury this ominous ill
that is staunchly hemming our men?

Is there anybody else as fearful as I am?
Am I hallucinating then
or have our men lost the initial plan?

Topic(s) of this poem: relationships

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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