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They say paradise is only in heaven
But they haven't seen your face like I have.
They haven't been greeted by your smile
and embraced by your words.

I have gone so high with you.
We have gone to where normal friends wouldn't.
You were not frightened by the cold;
the low temperatures as we rose.

I do long to feel the touch
that makes my body go numb.
The ‘careless' whisper
that makes me feel like a deaf.

You are a very bad substance that I got addicted to.
I find your advantages less than your disadvantages.
You make me forget of the important aspects in my life.
You leave me broke and out every time.

Is it not funny now that it is you who is begging to be loved?
Oh! Dear, I was nothing to you but kind.
I used to love you.
I treated you damn good.

Songs of sorrow sprung from my heart;
All I could think about was us falling apart.
There was no time to talk;
your mind was fully alarmed.

I met him there;
he was waiting with care.
We talked about our sores,
and got to know each other a bit more.

I pray that nothing harms you,
Or break your heart, my dear.
I pray for you nothing but goodness,
As no one deserves meaningful prayers like you do.

God is my flower.
His fragrance is visible to the naked eye like a light from a tower.
Scent so good, He gives me more than life.
He lightens my blues; Oh! What a perfect Knight.

You are not whom you seem to be.
You are not even the people you claim to be.
Your personas, your façades represent you daily.
The only time that you are yourselves is when you are, mainly,

Time and again,
seasons pass by.
Leaving our hearts
to long for that sensitive touch.

You are a lot to me.
You mean
the sun,
moon and all the stars.

The man is pure, kind, and amazing.
This man is simple, intelligent, and mesmerising.
He is a leader by birth.
He is down to earth.

Black Man.

Your skin, your arms.
Your face and your chocolate smile.

My heart is in sorrow and pain.
You should be dead now, I'm afraid.
I feel emptiness and it symbolizes your absence.
Where have you gone, I miss your presence?

We write messages that brains refuse to read.
We create real pictures that eyes refuse to see.
We speak from silenced lips.
Because in empty spaces, we seek.

When I am dead and alive no more;
could you take that pin of metal
and pin it onto my hair?
Take a bunch of flowers

I love you because
you make me feel things that I have never felt before.
You erase my pain
and you bring me so much gain.

What freedom are we to find
when our restless minds
are enslaved under the chains
of human trafficking?

We are a society unresolved
whose stomach is forever hungry for love.
We have a strong desire to be loved.
With a plus,

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Mitta Xinindlu is a writer, researcher, and professional project manager. Her footprint is visible in different genres. Including, motivation, healing, social betterment, and human rights. She is also a holder of a Master of Science in Project Management and a Six Sigma Green Belt. Official website: http: // Official Facebook: http: // Official Twitter: http: // Official Instagram: http: // Official Spotify: https: // Official YouTube: https: //

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Your Face Is Paradise

They say paradise is only in heaven
But they haven't seen your face like I have.
They haven't been greeted by your smile
and embraced by your words.
Your eyes light up like golden streets of Jerusalem.
Eyebrows so thick, resembling the full head of Samson's strength.
Lips so tender like soles of the disciple's feet
whose steps followed the King.
Chin so strong like the 300 men of Israel who fought armies of armies
and won the good battle over kings.
I have seen paradise in your face.

Your ears are so upright
like the walls of Jericho;
whose standing was against no men,
living or dead.
Whose strength the Higher Being could be the only one to challenge.
Jaws strong like the shields of Shaka Zulu's men
who fought and won battles
that left blood dripping on blood.
I have seen paradise in your face.

Your forehead is so elementary
like the American soldiers who fought in Iraq;
whose dedication to their country was no child's play.
Who left their families
and sacrificed their youth.
The lines of your forehead, perfectly drawn
like the rivers of Jordan;
all drawing to the red sea
in which men of Egypt perished.
Your beard is planted like lawns of Eden
where peace and life were gathered in full.
I have seen paradise in your face.

Your cheekbones are perfectly high and well built
like the stone built to mark the death of Rachel,
wife to Jacob of Israel.
Your cheeks are correctly angled
like the temple that king Solomon built,
which took him 13 years to complete.

Your eye sockets are full of life.
So wise like King Solomon himself,
who chose wisdom over all riches of the earth.
Your perfect hairline
reflects the number of years you have loved me
like a bible story told year after year indeed.
They say paradise is only in heaven;
I have seen paradise in your face.

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We are nice; but we're broken.

The number of people around you does not matter, because you will surely die alone in the end.

There are brave men. And there are brave women.

I'm sorry that you came back to earth.

Take care of the present moment because it is all that you will ever have.

Take care of the present moment because it is all that you will ever have.

I don't have much. I only hold my soul to give.

Islands are very dangerous

Conversing with life is uneasy

Life will hold you close if it finds you worth the trouble.

The people who do, do.

We are busy feeding the dead

The best time to show love is when life is forcing you to show hatred.

'Outdance the wind.'

If I'm wrong, correct me. If I'm right, recommend me.

The world needs to accept introversion as normal. The world should stop associating introversion with mental illness.

Lonely is when you're being abused and, sadly, no-one believes you because you're a 'strong' woman.

Je t'ai laissé un chemin. J'espère que vous le trouverez.

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