Pretty, But Ugly Poem by Randy McClave

Pretty, But Ugly

I knew a woman with a pretty face
I took her to church where we said grace,
She also had such beautiful hair
Which all day long at it I could stare.
She also had such a pretty dainty nose
When it wrinkled, I almost did propose,
Then when I looked into her eyes of green
I knew they were the most beautiful objects ever seen.
When at me she had sported her happy grin
I then knew that my life with her I would happily start again,
Every part of her that I saw was pure beauty
And she wasn't at all a bit snooty.
I now wished that I had seen beyond her looks
Instead I was paging through romance books,
I wanted so badly to fall in love with that lass
Now I wished instead that I had an magnifying glass.
She lied and cheated and treated me like dirt
She used me and caused me so much pain and hurt,
My heart she had easily and quiet simply stole
That's when I found out and knew, that she had an ugly soul.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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