Privilege And Status Should Be Earned Not Decreed By Supposed Birthright! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Privilege And Status Should Be Earned Not Decreed By Supposed Birthright!

By Stanley Collymore

I've rather reluctantly come
to the conclusion that it's
absolutely terrible in
the UK how some working class and
likewise also, clearly disadvantaged
non-white people distinctively have
naturally outlandish ideas crucially
above their station by crazily doing
absolutely weird things, essentially
like creating names and money too
for themselves, effectively through
their own talents and undoubtedly
too, other diverse abilities; equally
as well, crucially sheer hard work.
Instead of by actually winning the
birthright lottery! Quite obviously
though to the rampant vile surfeit
of quite sycophantic monarchical
morons, who literally, irrefutably
as they most clearly and toxically
infest Britain, the latter evidently
is rather unquestionably, a much
more prestigious status to the lot
of these solely dimwitted cretins.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
24 May 2023.

Author's Remarks:
In Britain the legal procedure is that a dead person's body cannot or shouldn't be in anyway either released for burial or cremation until the actual cause for that person's death has been medically certified, and subsequently to that the appropriate death certificate has been issued. Until such time the body simply shouldn't be released.

Notwithstanding the above and the fact that numerous people in the UK have thus been forced for ages to have their nearest and dearest not buried or else cremated because that requisite death certificate is very much outstanding, how come then that the rules were very summarily broken for Rolf Harris with his death certificate issued only on the 23 May 2023 but his cremation having taken place TWO weeks earlier?

Was all this done and in this fashion to actually stave off public criticism, and as well acute embarrassment about Rolf Harris' exceptionally close relationship as was equally per se with Jimmy Savile and Bishop Peter Ball for instance, with undeniably, distinctly senior members of the Windsor family that included the late Liz Windsor with whom Rolf had an exceptionally close bond? Research the empathy between them when in the full glare of the TV camera he painted that portrait of Liz at Buckingham Palace. Where is it now and is it on very prominent display?

Which poses the obvious question: if Rolf Harris' death and cremation can be occasioned much earlier than was publicly and very officially stated; what other quite prominent death for PR and conning of the UK's unquestionably so, quite gullible, intellectually challenged masses was likewise implemented?

Dead bodies unless embalmed quickly start rotting and stinking awfully and can't be carried around anywhere for two weeks and not be publicly noticed whatever your elevated status was in life before you died. So the Rolf Harris' situation isn't the only one where the gullible prats specifically in Britain and amongst their kin in the distinctively genocidally acquired white controlled countries have basically been taken for a ride. Lol! Go work it out and why you were!

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