Promises Of Homes Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Promises Of Homes

Breezes of evergreen mountains carried words of eyes afar,
Dearly Sparrows in my tea garden were the first one to be seen in wars.
The pot half empty with water was their battlefield,
Who would first splash and sprinkle was the question on repeat.

Home is for feathers,
Home is for furs,
Home is, where golden woods sing my silvering songs
And blossoms dances with tincture of idealistic peaceful skies
Calling butterflies to spare their colourful wings on the petals of noble dreamy eyes.

But who would start the dance making them play with the awaiting crystals in midnight?
One of my little sparrow's flew near the pot and dipped his beak and tail for a while.

And a silver crown spoke in wonder:
"Why are you so late?
You made my diamond look for you every day
Dreaming for moonlights to raise, and I stood beside the welcoming gate.
Don't you know I pleaded to see thine enlightened face?
Now don't leave even, if pearls wait at shores for your's tomorrows fate".

After months of watering and caring;
The sun played hide and seek with my tea garden.
Sunlight and rains were her special guests,
Welcomed with a rose held at its crest.

Their definition of you;
Is about crescent moon and gazing stars
So loyal to you, that even the sun shined without melting promises of snows on seasons of unsent letters kept in jars.

Droplets fell on leaves by welcoming sweet mornings;
The dawn broke by looking at his lovely queen
Waiting beside the window panes still.
He, thus asked:
"Is it not too early, to say goodbye without being held?
Were you awake all these nights, just to tell, you were all well? "

Gently embracing wrinkled faces,
Our time was watching us slipping into grey and old years.
My smells of repose knocked gently at your door,
Without hesitation you smiled,
And we danced along the tunes of my musician sparrows
Telling us we made it off shore, rising above the clouds of gold.

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