To Her Poem by Soumili Karmakar

To Her

In a room full of people, eyes caught at only one,
That one, made me realise for a turn,
Making me fall in love, for an infinite paradise,
With your's hues of blue, and mine yellow sun shining so young.
Defining, a correlation beyond,
Where our destiny beholds.
You say, ' I don't like people praising me, I'm not for sweet words'.
But, you know, your sweet Lily face,
Forbids me to live,
Without praising you, and your worth, is a thousand crowns of admiration,
To be lived for - I speak.
Lights of Eclipse, and blessings of Twilight puts forth, life in our story,
When I talk about you.
Mostly, they call me an admirer,
whenever I share about our story, they feel I'm continuously contemplating, the same old things, since a long time, without skipping a bit.
You are too stuck here with me,
My thoughts seem to be more of you, and less of me,
Whenever you wave your hand at me, it fabricates happiness in my soul.
Let me lift your heart, and make you mine.
I'm wearing my heart on my sleeves,
I'm grateful for your arrival,
This arrival doesn't looks for a departure.
I know, staring at you,
Mesmerizes you too,
I won't be leaving without stealing every bit of your heart.
A heart old of mine, desires forever, for you.
A heart old of mine, sees you forever, as mine.

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