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Proposal To Outlaw The Word 'Love' In Poems (A Mean Poem?)

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'Love loves to love love.'
-James Joyce

I believe in Love,
But the word 'love',
When it occurs in a poem

Is often a blanket
Thrown over the real
Interaction being described.

If I were dictator
I might decree
No love-poet could use
The word 'love'.

Herbert Nehrlich1 05 August 2005

As a dictator I would change the word to 'Dove', then we could all use three-quarter-cleansing-cream DOVE to wash out our mouths instead of gushing histrionically and (heaven forbid) kiss with them. I think you are right Max, although, as you undoubtedly know, love makes not only blind but also closes off the left hemisphere, so go easy on those and let them have their DOVE-IN. H

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Poetry Hound 05 August 2005

I think the point comes through. As usual, you make it with cleverness and humor.

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Raynette Eitel 05 August 2005

John Kay should get a life. I agree with the thought here. So many budding poets think by using the word 'love' often enough in their writing, they have a poem. Not so! Describing what is going on, using actions and thoughts will say 'love' so much louder and clearer than those sappy poems that gush on and on about love. Raynette

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Max Reif 05 August 2005

I wouldn't REALLY outlaw anything, don't worry, folks. You don't think it works, John, to make a point? what is the point, do you think? Does it come through clearly? Anybody want to take a stab at paraphrasing it? Does anyone think it's worthwhile? (Or should I give this one a mercy killing? But does it even *deserve* mercy?)

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