Psychological Disorder Poem by Yan Lee

Psychological Disorder

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i dont understand myself
there are times i feel something for you
but in a sudden im afraid to show
i want you to know
you are my everything
you are all im thinking
can you comprehend the panthom'?
a feeling right from the bottom
of something
of somehow
of somewhere
i sense it i belong there
there! invading your space
longing to touch your face
and looking into your eyes
the familiar eyes that don't denies
your personality keeps me surprise
sometimes i know you at all yet
sometimes i don't
a cool charming individual
i could ask for
i guess friendship is best describes us
i can still remember how we meet
ithe same kind of feelings that i get
when we are having our conversation
i cant figure out my real emotion
i want to own you
but im scared to
i know this doesn't exist
cause this is just an illusion i insist
i cant throw away this lovely scene
when i lay my head on your back its so sirene
the world stops on rotating
i can feel my inner nerve quivering
silently its seducing
you did not even protest
you did not even dare to resist
a wishful thinking it will end in a deadly kiss
all i know is each and passing day
im so confused in every way
i should stop this thing
this imagination will sends me to depressing
the fantasy i have to intake
with nothing someone to partake
i promise this would be the last time to tackle the situation
because im the one who suffers the commotion
thank you for all the lies
i love you then but goodbye

Martin O'neill 29 February 2016

Aheartfelt cry against the grubby world of liars and vote -buyers

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 13 June 2009

Quite could still spare some rooms for reconcillation.Sometimes heart is sick, when in love.

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Yan Lee

Yan Lee

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