Schizophrenic Persona Poem by Yan Lee

Schizophrenic Persona

overjoyed to taste the world's madness
making God as my reliable witness
purifying the air that i breathe
thinking something about sweet defeat
though triumph will not just knock within your feet

i dont even understand
worst i dont want to comprehend
they are staring at me
as if they really knew the real me
amusing! how the attention ablaze me

they are telling things just to hurt me
things that will make me discouraged
not even building a strong spirit to have couraged
sometimes they are too harsh
making my unreachable dreams to crash

all because there is an obvious defect
squeezing me tighter with that effect
can they easily change the physical blot?
a wishful thinking right on the spot
but i really bet they cannot

so what if i am like that
instead of grieving i just accept the fact
that ain't a big deal
im just making it real
and they judge what i tell

i am what i am
and nobody can change that till im gone

Deborah Mae Lacay 10 June 2009

well said, kid.. (',)

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Indira Renganathan 07 June 2009

Quite an emotional poem1..well said0++

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Yan Lee

Yan Lee

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