Dinner @ Grandma's Poem by ToddMichael St. Pierre

Dinner @ Grandma's

Rating: 4.9

Dinner at my Grandma's can drive a kid to fits,
The last time she fed me pig poo and olive pits!
This time was even worse; she cooked a big brown snake!
The food was a nightmare, though I was wide awake!
Caterpillar cornbread, a sliver of liver,
Bumble bees mixed with peas! How can I forgive her?
She force-fed me spiders, a hedgehog and a half,
'Eat those sweet lizard feet, ' she told me with a laugh.
My eyes ran out of tears, from all this child abuse,
She even made me drink a glass of onion juice!
Poison ivy salad that made my insides itch,
I'm starting to believe that grandma is a witch!
I begged and I begged, but of all the twisted things,
For dessert she brought out some buttered beetle wings.
Dinner at my Grandma's can drive a kid to fits...

It's better when she feeds me Goat Guts and Garlic Grits!

Rhett Watson 20 December 2006

good to see a silly, off-the-wall kind of poem like this getting some attention, for a change and not just all that serious, (oh blessed masters) garbage! I give you a 10! Reminds me of Uncle Shelby: -))))) And that's about the best I can say!

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Belinda Gomez 20 December 2006

did we have the same grandma? mine did the same stuff, coincidence i suppose... funny: -)

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Malcolm Burns 20 December 2006

evil, evil grandmother, fun reading.

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Krista Powell 20 December 2006

Is no wonder why the kids love your work!

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Stephen Severn 20 December 2006

love your serious work, love your silly stuff too... my grandma was a great cook: -)

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Timothy Blackwell 12 January 2007

clever and fun

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Penelope Delgado 12 January 2007

Is surely a funny one!

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Beth Nickell 12 January 2007

I wish I had a Grandma, Terrific poem!

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Bailey Ayres 30 December 2006

That's my kind of poemz

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Shannon Hutchins 21 December 2006

totally ridiculous, the way i like it ; -) ~

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