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My name is Linda Bella;
my father calls me Belle.
I used to be his little girl,
but how my size did swell!

Fifteen means one, and we've begun.
Thirty means two; how's that strike you?
Forty means three; you still with me?

Poor Mary, my neighbor.
She cries all the time
because her husband,
John, just passed away.

We walked along the dusty trail,
no shoes upon our feet.

Hot summer day.

I have tried to think what I should do,
and have thought many hours, it is true.
I have searched a great deal
from my head to my heel,

What's a flat-chested girl supposed to do
when she wants to look good
for the senior prom?

Mah Ham
is who I am.
I like this name because
it is palindromic, like me.

I want to stay forever, but I can't;
to this old world we all must bid goodbye.
It does no good to sit and rave and rant,
nor try to understand the reason why.

Mona Lisa was attacked last week,
a matter of extreme disgrace.
She couldn't even turn the other cheek
when a man smeared cream cake on her face.

If I should not survive
my upcoming brain surgery,
I need to let my wishes known
as to the disposition

She called for help today,
but didn't use the phone.
Did not have much to say,
for she was all alone.

My friend is lonely as can be,
and I am lonely, too.
If she could come and visit me,
she wouldn't be so blue.

Food is NOT always free
if you grab it from a tree.
If the tree belongs to me,
you have stolen it, you see.

I never had a chance.

My mother was fifteen years old
when she found out she was pregnant.

Friends can become better friends;
this fact you can discover,
and with luck a better friend
can become your lover.

I saw a red-winged blackbird yesterday,
something I used to see
almost every day
back when I was a kid.

What one approves, another scorns,
and thus his nature each exposes.
Some see the rosebush full of thorns;
some see the thornbush full of roses.

Give me your hand; when you hold mine
I understand the connection
that binds our hearts; I suffer so
when we're apart. My loneliness

The dot on an "i" is called a tittle.
It's not a big dot; it's very little.

I was with a friend when, to his surprise,

Do blondes really have more fun
or is that simply one
of the myths perpetuated
on the uneducated?

Belle Wassermeister Biography

Full name Linda Bella Wassermeister. Please just call me Belle.)

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Linda Bella

My name is Linda Bella;
my father calls me Belle.
I used to be his little girl,
but how my size did swell!

My thyroid is all out of whack;
they've tried to regulate,
so I can blame it on hormones
and not something I ate!

I weigh about five hundred pounds
(you were afraid to ask)
but I feel good, and carry on
and don't fear any task.

My husband doesn't mind at all;
he truly is the best.
He says it really turns him on
to climb Mount Everest!

Those Twin Peaks never slow him down;
he gets right to the top
and, though this writing's been such fun,
I think it's time to stop!

Belle Wassermeister Comments

Kim Barney 25 October 2020

A poet of immense talent, who can write hilarious poems and also serious ones. I keep coming back to read her work again and again.

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Khairul Ahsan 24 October 2020

Dear @Linda Bella Wassermeister, Your latest poem (of today) and your latest bio post have touched me deep. My solemn prayers for your wellbeing! You seem to have a pure and pristine heart. Your poems flow out from there, so the poems are also pristine and pure.

7 0 Reply
Balan Nair Nair 05 October 2020

The crystal clarity of your lines is expressive of your purity of heart and attitude to the world and humanity. Kudos to the musical endeavor! Balan Nair, India

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Bri Edwards 31 August 2020

Welcome back to a very worthy poet! She packs a lot of humor into some of her stuff. But, beware as she has a poem title 'Belle Is Back' and if one searches for her on PH using " Belle" , i don't think she will be found. bri :)

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Hannington Mumo 26 July 2020

A truly versatile poet endowed with an incomparable turn of phrase.

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Smith is Swain is Smith

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Observer 20 February 2022

This chameleon has a tongue that pokes out catching flies.

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john (called jack) wren 06 September 2021

Hi Belle, Many thanks for all your very kind comments they are much appreciated. Best wishes Jack

3 0 Reply
Octavian Cocos 04 July 2021

Thank you very much!

4 0 Reply
Kim Barney 25 January 2021

Belle, I miss you and your wonderful sense of humor. Please come back and share something new with us.

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Belle Wassermeister Quotes

Go ahead and toot your own horn. Now that the Virus is lurking, nobody else is going to!

If you ain't crazy, there's something wrong with you. (Willie Nelson)

Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and He will direct thee for good.

Expect nothing and you shall never be disappointed.

We don't have to be very smart to think we know everything!

People are beautiful. Black people are beautiful. Brown people are beautiful. Red people are beautiful. Yellow people are beautiful. White people are beautiful. All people are beautiful.

Today is the tomorrow we talked about yesterday.

Minutes and hours well spent are the building blocks of a life well lived.

Counting blessings is better than recounting problems.

Don't your loved ones deserve the BEST of you, not the REST of you?

I find television very educating. Every time someone turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. ---Groucho Marx

Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is? --- Frank Scully

Let's agree to disagree but not be disagreeable.

Helping one person may not change the world, but it will change the world for one person.

Our happiness does not depend on our circumstances, but on our attitude about those circumstances.

How we came into this world matters less than how we are when we go out of it.

Be the reason someone smiles today.

I keep pushing the envelope, but it remains stationery.

If Canada had a Mount Rushmore, Gordon Lightfoot would be on it.

When your spiritual foundation is built solidly upon Jesus Christ, you have no need to fear.

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