Punishment In Kindergarten Poem by Kamala Das

Punishment In Kindergarten

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Today the world is a little more my own.
No need to remember the pain
A blue-frocked woman caused, throwing
Words at me like pots and pans, to drain
That honey-coloured day of peace.
‘Why don't you join the others, what
A peculiar child you are! '

On the lawn, in clusters, sat my
schoolmates sipping
Sugarcane, they turned and laughed;
Children are funny things, they laugh
In mirth at others' tears, I buried
My face in the sun-warmed hedge
And smelt the flowers and the pain.

The words are muffled now, the laughing
Faces only a blur. The years have
Sped along, stopping briefly
At beloved halts and moving
Sadly on. My mind has found
An adult peace. No need to remember
That picnic day when I lay hidden
By a hedge, watching the steel-white sun
Standing lonely in the sky.

Ooo Ooo 16 April 2014

I just love this poem.... :)

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shajini 11 November 2017

i remember my school day.......

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saba noor 20 January 2018

hello, i read in class 7 in my book this lesson is included and i like this poem Punishment In Kindergarten by Kamala Das and i live in Peshawar Pakistan and my school name is the oxford school system ''MAY BE THE MOON IS BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE IT IS FAR''

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Anas Roshan 10 February 2018

i like this poem because i read this poem many times.

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Ayushi Dhar Chowdhury 21 January 2022

Oh school.... What a memory

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Jacob Sapphire 20 November 2020

Good one

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Devil 07 April 2019

Nice poem

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Srinivas 03 July 2018

Nice poem

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Srinivss 03 July 2018

Good poem

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Kamala Das

Kamala Das

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