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In Love

Rating: 3.2

O what does the burning mouth
Of sun, burning in today's,
Sky, remind me….oh, yes, his
Mouth, and….his limbs like pale and
Carnivorous plants reaching
out for me, and the sad lie
of my unending lust.
Where is room, excuse or even
Need for love, for, isn't each
Embrace a complete thing a finished
Jigsaw, when mouth on mouth, i lie,
Ignoring my poor moody mind
While pleasure, with deliberate gaeity
Trumpets harshly into the silence of
the room… At noon
I watch the sleek crows flying
Like poison on wings-and at
Night, from behind the Burdwan
Road, the corpse-bearers cry ‘Bol,
Hari Bol' , a strange lacing
For moonless nights, while I walk
The verandah sleepless, a
Million questions awake in
Me, and all about him, and
This skin-communicated
Thing that I dare not yet in
His presence call our love.

[From Summer in Calcutta]

Ramesh Rai 05 January 2014

The Hon'ble Poetess has expressed her boiling thoughts in a very cool manner. In the concluding line she has expressed her emotion.

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Heather Wilkins 06 December 2013

a beautiful poem nice imagery enjoyed the read

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Anyone 01 July 2021

Nice poem

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Prof Satya Das 04 March 2018

Very nice poem-beautifully written

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aafaq 21 February 2018

Love u

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* Sunprincess * 31 August 2015

...............excellent poem...very beautiful ?

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