Kamala Das

Kamala Das
Punnayurkulam, Thrissur District in Kerala
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Kamala Surayya / Suraiyya formerly known as Kamala Das , (also known as Kamala Madhavikutty, pen name was Madhavikutty) was a major Indian English poet and littérateur and at the same time a leading Malayalam author from Kerala, India. Her popularity in Kerala is based chiefly on her short stories and autobiography, while her oeuvre in Engli ...

Kamala Das Poems

An Introduction

I don't know politics but I know the names
Of those in power, and can repeat them like
Days of week, or names of months, beginning with Nehru.

The Looking Glass

Getting a man to love you is easy
Only be honest about your wants as
Woman. Stand nude before the glass with him


All round me are words, and words and words,
They grow on me like leaves, they never
Seem to stop their slow growing

The Old Playhouse

You planned to tame a swallow, to hold her
In the long summer of your love so that she would forget
Not the raw seasons alone, and the homes left behind, but
Also her nature, the urge to fly, and the endless

Summer In Calcutta

What is this drink but
The April sun, squeezed
Like an orange in
My glass? I sip the

Kamala Das Comments

Reha Arax 01 January 2018

Some men are simply TERRIFIED of women taking ownership of their own body, because, if so, these men can not hold the power of owning these women anymore.

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nirakar 18 February 2020

she is a poet who fall in the trap of love jihad.......spoiled her dignity and the name of hinduism.

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biswaranjan swain 01 February 2018

super poet mam thank u for this poem

7 1 Reply
krishna 29 November 2017

please do add dis poem too, the wild bougainvillea poem

3 4 Reply
Mahtab Bangalee 15 February 2019

Kamala Das one of the greatest poetess of INDIA

7 0 Reply
Susan S. Thomas 14 April 2021

Kamala das famous poem

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Susan S. Thomas 14 April 2021


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Susan S. Thomas 14 April 2021


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Susan S. Thomas 14 April 2021

How can anyone think the completely immoral Republican Party has any moral authorit..... .cash03, com.

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pooja kattari 15 December 2020

i need a poem Next to Indira Gandhi.

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