Put Some Country Back In Country Poem by David Welch

Put Some Country Back In Country

These days it seems that whenever
you turn on the country radio,
you hear pop songs endlessly sung
by people faking a southern tone.
Pretty-boys from the suburbs,
with pristine hats and frosted hair,
singing endless about their trucks,
obligatory backroads, girls, and beer.
They do sell a lot of records,
and I won't say they're all awful,
but even their bosses must admit
their songs are pretty forgettable.

I think perhaps we should all look
back to what made country great.
To steel guitars and cowboy songs,
to tales of joy, but also pain.
Bring back the grit, sorely missed,
that spoke to lone men spurned.
Give us more stories telling how
everything in this life is earned.
Sing us more songs of complication,
more tales focused on adults.
We have mainstream pop for the kids,
they have their own stars to exalt.

Find those who sing what they know,
a few purists, some blues, some outlaws,
who are willing to sing about
the things that life sticks in their craws.
Give us balladeers from the west
and a stomping redneck, half insane.
Get us a band that feels it in full,
cause this pop stuff is getting lame.
Put these folks up on the stage
and don't you dare second-bill ‘em,
and now as Nashville law requires
I'm name-checking Hank Williams.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: country,criticism,music,rural
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