Race Against Time Poem by Alison Mujati

Race Against Time

Over the velocity of light,
Days scatter through craters of light
My sodden eyes bore the pain in sight
Vanity glimpses I held too tight.

For the glory of morning joys
All perishing to the gloom of the night
Funeral songs, a house full of sorrows
Tear graffiti spreading across cheeks.
If only happiness could last forever.

Springs clad in colours
The sound of joyful bird chirps
Comprising laughter, a mini heaven
Nothing can be permanent until proven

For rain days of bumper harvest
predictably turn to houses of hunger
yearning while the future shades are bleak.
Golden days have long elapsed.

Where are flowing rivers
Foliage mountains blossoming with verve.
Where are nerve-tickling moments?
Life with its glistening shadow.

Teenage dreams vanishing
Glowing candles bleeding liquid wax
We were duped, the dining was a hoax
No blame game the ordeal just shifted us.

Young little naive birds
When we learnt to fly,
The wind ferried us to the unknown
Is this a redefined killing two with one stone
No one remembered the way back.
We were chased out of heaven

Glowing young skins taking texture.
Either of age or sickness
Fighting two odds, destiny and immunity.
Are they battles we wish to win?
Philosophy of impossible dreams.

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