Silhouette Poem by Alison Mujati


From the bottom of my heart

To Shut them eyes

Deep dawn tucked in cool weather

star dots reflecting within eyes

Feet gaining ground across a tarmac

A mini Airport runway

Towards a mini aeroplane up we go

Hand to hand, palm to palm

Two to tango

She feels the chill, she grab my arm

Love poured from her eyes

I gave that back in return and more
I took off my leather jacket,

gave it to wrap her shoulders.

My grey trousers suited a slim-fit shirt

Promise to see this just in her mind

We go overboard on the plane

In Silence but I know our hearts beat together.

In one accord

I pilot high up in the pitched sky

Above every tower on the ground, we leave.

She slip to my shoulder and let her head rest there.

Her heartbeat bashed a rhythm

Beyond fear, beyond doubt

A soft comfortable tempo

Whatever I did to her was working

Looking down, light bright dots waving.

Heading eastwards, the horizon shows magic.

A crimson of glamour adorned with flecks of fading stars.

Your eyes are teary with passion and I'm visiting a wonderland

Going as if this is the last journey of our lives

We could be heroes, I love dawn.

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